President cautions youth against HIV/AIDS pandemic

Sunday 5th February 2012

President Yoweri Museveni urged the youth to desist from immoral life-styles that may drive them to contracting the HIV/AIDS scourge. He said that promiscuity is still the main route through which the pandemic spreads and noted that all other ways of preventing the scourge have been observed by the youth but the spread of the pandemic through sex remains the biggest challenge to society.

The President was speaking during the NRM victory celebrations for Agago County MP Hon. Okot John Amos that took place yesterday at Agago district headquarters in Northern Uganda.

Mr. Museveni appealed to wananchi in general and the youth in particular to appreciate their bodies as sacred vessels that are supposed to be healthy so that everyone is able to carry out their chores successfully. He, therefore, advised the youth to avoid pre-marital sex as a way of keeping away the HIV/AIDS pandemic if they hope to lead healthy and useful lives both for their own benefit and to the benefit of their country.

The President congratulated MP Okot John Amos for attaining victory in last year’s Parliamentary elections. He thanked the people of northern Uganda in general and of Agago Constituency in particular for voting the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party in last year’s general elections and also for supporting Movement’s development programmes.

Mr. Museveni observed that the people of Acholi Sub-Region and those of Northern Uganda in general, have contributed immensely in uniting the whole country by voting for NRM Party in the last general elections. He explained that because of the insecurity, the opposition baseless propaganda and the Karimojong rustling activities in the region, the people of the area had erroneously thought in the past that the NRM government had been against them as shown by their not voting for NRM Party in the previous general elections.

The President expressed happiness to celebrate the unity of Uganda with them adding “we are all politically united.” He commended all the NRM historical supporters and the new converts from opposition parties for their support to the NRM Party. He appealed to them to be fully committed to working for the Party and avoid unnecessary division. He also explained that the Party needs to register new members in order to grow stronger.

Turning to government development programmes for Agago district, the President assured the people of the area that the Lira – Kitgum road will be tarmac, a district hospital as well as a technical school, will be constructed and piped water availed to the district.

President Museveni also urged the people of Uganda in general and those in Northern Region, to embrace household income generating activities in order to diversify sources of income. He stressed the need for each family to ensure that its production activities bring in an annual income of at least Shs20 million. He said that the Movement Government designed phase 2 of the National Agricultural and Advisory Services (NAADS) programme to support income generating activities in families.

Addressing himself to the decentralization programme, the President explained that its major aim is to bring services nearer to the people and also to empower them to better decide on the utilization of the funds availed to them by government for purposes of developing their areas. He emphasized the importance of having power at district level in order to help initiate development programmes at the grass-root level. He castigated some opposition politicians, like Besigye, Bidandi Ssali, and Mao, who are out to hoodwink people through advocating that power should be at regional level.

Agago Constituency MP, Hon.  Okot John Amos, said the celebrations were not all about him but for the entire NRM Party which won last year’s general elections in Northern Uganda. He noted that in the previous elections, NRM had always been at the tail in the Acholi Sub-Region but as of now, the Party is in the lead with over 63% support for President Museveni and the NRM Party. He assured the President that the people of the Acholi area are happy with the NRM victory in the Sub-Region.

He commended the NRM Government for ushering in peace, freedom of the press and of worship. He noted that this was because of the good leadership of President Museveni. He requested government for tractors to improve the agriculture sector in order to ensure better production. He also assured the President that the people of Agago will continue to give their support to the NRM government.


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