President pays tribute to the late Mugu for her discipline

Wednesday 4th April 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has paid glowing tribute to the late Suzan Mugu for not only being disciplined with her life style that enabled her to be a centenarian but also for her social work especially in the field of education.

The President was today paying his last respects and condolences to the family of the late Suzan Mugu at Kawowo village in Tingey County Kapchorwa district.

"I am happy that you came in big numbers so quickly so that we can pay tribute together to the late Suzan Mugu," he said.

The late Mugu, who was a staunch NRM supporter and mobiliser, died at the age of 103 years on the 23rd July 2007. She is survived by 7 children, 6 sons and 1 daughter, Florence Kipstwa and 257 grand as well as great grand children.

Speaking later at an impromptu rally at Kapsukuya Primary School playground where he praised the late Mugu as an active person the President also observed that she exhibited great courage by bringing up a big family while taking care of her own life which enabled her to live for over 100 years and contribute a lot to the development of Uganda. He, therefore, called on the youth to emulate her example of being disciplined by avoiding HIV/AIDS pandemic. He said that the late Mugu passed on while still strong and physically fit.

"That was another example of healthy living. Today you find some young people look old with red lips because of drinking alcohol. The cheeks look like ripened bananas. Now, if you are not disciplined, when will you make a contribution to your country," he asked.

The President who thanked the people of the area for turning up in large numbers at the impromptu rally also described the late Mugu as a social worker who started a school that the President pledged would be taken over by government. He preferred a technical school to be built for both boys and girls in her memory.

Mr. Museveni was glad that peace now prevails in the region which he attributed to the consistent voting for NRM by the people of Sebei Sub-Region and Uganda as a whole. He said the support by peace-loving Ugandans gave NRM ample time to build the capacity of the army that was able to tame the Karimojong cattle rustlers that had defeated the British, Obote and Amin regimes.

Regarding the Bulambuli district disputed border area the President appealed to the people on the two sides to remain calm as the problem will be resolved using the old colonial maps that clearly demarcated the borders between Sebei and Bugisu Regions. He also affirmed that the wrangles between Bagisu and Bagwere will be sorted out in the same manner.

Commenting on the campaign against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM, the President pledged to set up a unit that will coordinate the campaign saying it should not be left to NGOs only. He re-assured the people of Sebei Sub-Region of government commitment to tarmac the road from Kapchorwa through Kween to Bukwo.

State Minister for Transport, Dr. Steven Chebrot and Kapchorwa district officials attended the rally.

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