President advises people of Mukono to increase production

Sunday 15th June 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to the people of Mukono district in particular and Uganda in general to intensify commercial agriculture for more production.

He said this will not only be beneficial to their families in terms of more income generation but will also boost the economy of Uganda.

“The wealth of the nation starts from the family. If you don’t have income, your contribution to development of the country is very little. You cannot have income unless you produce. All infrastructure needs money, and the money of the government comes from taxes. Government taxes what is consumed at home. So please let’s develop our homes so that we develop our country,” he said.

The President made the remarks yesterday while on a one day tour of sub-counties of Namuganga and Nama in Mukono district to promote household poverty eradication drive.

President Museveni first visited Namuganga Sub-County in Nakifuma County where he commissioned Namuganga Senior Secondary School.

Addressing the gathering later, Mr. Museveni called on the people of the area to prioritize household income generation.

He called on them not to look at government’s tasks of development as their concerns but to concentrate on wealth creation in their families through modern commercial farming.

“You should differentiate between development and wealth. Development is for the government. Roads, electricity, schools and hospitals are governments concerns, but wealth is for individual households. The tarmac road to Tororo has been there for a long time but people living along that road are still in poverty,” he said.

Mr. Museveni who whole heartedly thanked the people of Mukono district for overwhelmingly supporting NRM, urged wanainchi to adopt the 1996 NRM manifesto plan designed for rural families with small land holdings of 4 acres for practicing intensive farming.

The President said with a package of one acre for clonal coffee, the 2nd for fruits, the third for food crops and the fourth for elephant grass for zero grazing dairy cattle, a family would be assured of a comfortable income of Shs. 20 million annually.

He said at the back yard, poultry, apiary, mushroom and piggery activities for non-Muslims can be added and for those near swamps, fish farming.

He informed residents that government has also decided to restructure the National Agricultural and Advisory Services (NAADS) programme to ensure that seedlings and other planting materials as well as breeding stock, are channeled direct to the beneficiaries.

President Museveni further informed them of the newly introduced successful programme of the distribution of seedlings and planting materials to veterans.

He said the programme that is overseen by Army Officers, will be rolled out to all constituencies in Uganda.

Mr. Museveni, however, noted that with increased production, some challenges will crop up like value addition which, he observed, would require more factories but that it will also create employment opportunities for the youth and support the economy.

“What I ask of you the population, please join this effort because this is good for you and your family and your country”, he said.

On his way to Nama Sub-County, President Museveni made a stopover at Kasawo Trading centre where a huge crowd gathered quickly and acknowledged their greetings.

He later proceeded to Namawojjolo along the Kampala – Jinja Highway, where he commissioned piped water system, met traders and pledged to boost their SACCO with a contribution of Shs 50 million.

He also commissioned Katoogo Health Centre at Nama Sub-County and later addressed the gathering that had come to witness the occasion.

The President reiterated his call to the people of the area to embark on commercial farming to get rid of household poverty in the country.

“What I need from you is your readiness to participate. Use the land available or you can purchase or hire land so that we get rid of poverty in the country. I would like to appeal to you not to devalue these homesteads,” he advised.

He also strongly advised the people of the area and Uganda as a whole to stop the practice of land fragmentation because, he noted, it will make people poorer and make agriculture very difficult.

He asked them to learn to put inheritance rights in shares among family members so that land remains consolidated for more profitable production.

President Museveni particularly advised the youth to take great care of their health by avoiding the contraction of HIV/AIDS pandemic adding that health is wealth.

As he travelled to Mukono Municipality, the President stopped at Nakapinyi Trading Centre where he commissioned a hydro- power project for the people of the area and beyond.

While at Mukono High School in Mukono Municipality, Mr. Museveni noted with satisfaction the development taking place in the area and noted that the same tempo of development was equally being registered in other areas of Mukono district as manifested by strong permanent buildings.

He advised students of Mukono High School to acquire skills that are marketable or go for commercial farming.

The President also commissioned the school’s library.

“In that way, everybody will have what to do”, he said.

The Minister of State for the Youth, Mr. Ronald Kibuule and other Mukono district officials accompanied the President during the tour of Mr. Kibuule’s constituency.

The President’s tour of Mukono district enabled him to fulfill his pledges to youth groups of start-up capital for income generating activities.

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