President commissions Yoweri Museveni Primary School, Discourages naming of schools after him

Wednesday 20th August 2014

President Museveni has commissioned a Primary School that has been named after him in recognition of his role, initiative and support to the Universal Primary Education (UPE) programme in Uganda.

The School that became fully operational in 2008 has 1,249 pupils, 642 of whom are girls and 607 boys. It is located in Namatala Ward, Mbale Municipality.

President Museveni told the overjoyed pupils and parents of the school yesterday that he normally does not accept his name to be used in public institutions or currency and advised them to, in the future, use names of departed heroes like the late Kasimoto and Mwesiga who were killed by Amin's soldiers in Maluku Estate that lies a few kilometers away from their school in Mbale Municipality.

"I don't usually accept people to use my name on schools. That is why I don't want to put my head on your money. If I want to see my face I open my album", he told the gathering.

President Museveni also reminded parents of the reason why government introduced the UPE programme saying it was targeting the rural poor.

He explained that government's role in the UPE programme is to pay teachers, construct class rooms and science laboratories while parents on their part, provide their children with uniform, scholastic materials and packed lunch. He added that only schools in urban areas may charge extra fees for utilities like electricity and water.

"That was my reasoning. But teachers still charge money in schools. Now if a child is expelled from school, who will lose? Not only the parent or pupil but the government as well", he noted.

President Museveni advised pupils to be careful about their life by avoiding bad habits and wrong peer groups.

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