President cautions youth on liars, false prophets; acknowledges that unemployment is the biggest challenge for the youth

Thursday 15th January 2015
State House PPU

President Yoweri Museveni has urged the Ugandan youth to be careful and wise while advocating and propagating for the genuine youth causes, such as the need for employment, cautioning them that there are many “false prophets” who have their own agendas and are simply using the youth as stepping stones.

The President made the remarks at Kigezi College, Butoobere in Kabale Municipality last evening while closing the Kigezi Sub-Region Youth Convention on wealth creation. The convention tackled a number of topics that included changing the mindset of the youth, international and national stability, the role of the youth, regional integration and patriotism and pan-Africanism and the liberation of the African continent.

President Museveni said that the government is aware that the main challenge facing the youth in Uganda today is unemployment and noted that government has put in place several interventions and programmes to create jobs for the youth but noted that unemployment remains a national challenge.

The President, who is on a 4-day tour of the Kigezi Sub-Region, however, added that the youth needed to be careful with some people who tend to identify themselves with the youth cause when in real fact those elements are pursuing their own selfish agendas that may lead the youth into unnecessary problems.

“Be aware of the false prophets as pronounced by Jesus in the Bible. The youth all over the world, have many times been victims of selfish players especially politicians. So please, Ugandan youth walk wisely,” he said.

Mr. Museveni told the youth of Kigezi that employment in Uganda was in five sectors that include agriculture, industries, the service sector, Information and Communication Technology and the Public Service. He noted that to be profitably employed in the agricultural sector, one needed to practice modern commercial farming that is profit oriented as opposed to the traditional subsistence farming. He, however, noted that Kigezi Sub-Region was faced with a much bigger problem of land fragmentation which, he said, calls for intensive farming with emphasis on high yielding crops and breeds and returns.

On industry, the President said that Kigezi Sub-Region will prosper based on agricultural oriented industries and those hinged on the abundant minerals such as iron ore and wolfram that are abundant in the area. He urged the youth to support him in fighting civil servants and politicians who frustrate investors calling them the real enemies of the youth and the country.

“If you hear anyone who is sabotaging any industry, that’s your enemy. If these industries come up, it’s not Museveni who will be employed there. It will be you, your sisters and brothers,” the President said. He pledged to support the building of a tea factory in the area since tea production in the area had increased.

On education, Mr. MusevenI said that there is need for career guidance to enable students undertake courses that are on demand on the labor market. He also called for emphasis on skills training in Information and Communication Technology, carpentry, metal works, modern farming and many more. He said that the government plan is to have one technical institute per constituency.

The President used the occasion to caution the youth against the deadly HIV/AIDS scourge and other vices such as alcoholism, drug abuse and homosexuality, among others, that have cost the country most of her useful labor force. 

“The Bible says your body is a temple of God. How can you defile a temple of God,” Mr. Museveni asked the youth.

Later the President addressed a public rally at Boma Grounds in Kabale Municipality where he introduced the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, who he described as a reliable and time tested cadre that he has worked with from the time he was a student. He urged the people of Kabale to adopt the four acre model of intensive agriculture that he has emphasized overtime since the land in the area is largely fragmented. He warned them that continued fragmentation of land posed a great danger to the economic life of the people of Kigezi. He pledged that government would support Kabale University if it chooses to offer the right courses that are market oriented and are on demand on the labor market.                          

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