It is your task to eradicate poverty from your homes - Museveni

Saturday 26th May 2018

President Yoweri Museveni has reminded wananchi of their task to eradicate poverty from their homes.

“The people have the task of making personal initiatives to eradicate poverty from their homesteads. The Government has been allocating Shs.365 billion per annum to NAADS, these efforts, will have impact if indivuduals take advantage of these resources and apply them at house hold level. The Youth Fund has been getting Shs. 80 billion per annum. 

The President made the remarks in Kazo Town Council, Kiruhuura District in South Western Uganda where he launched Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) at a public rally during which he also toured an exhibition demonstrating various agricultural products like coffee, bananas and fruits among others that are grown in Kiruhuura District. He said that SACCOs serve as revolving funds and the capacity to serve more people.

Mr. Museveni disclosed that the NRM Government has instituted a programme to give out funds to SACCOs at an interest rate of 8% per annum and that borrowers would access those funds from SACCOs at an annual rate of 12%. He observed that it is much easier to facilitate wananchi through SACCOs that attract large numbers instead of individuals or small groups. He further disclosed that the Government will allocate Shs.410 billion through SACCOs in the 2018/2019 fiscal year.

He told the people that increased funding of SACCOs will go a long way in creating a big impact in the fight against poverty in homes. He noted with pleasure the positive change made in the condition of roads in the country adding that this has been possible because Government has been allocating Shs. 4,040 billion per annum to the construction of roads.

The President expressed happiness to learn that people in 30,000 homes in Kazo County have learnt to grow coffee and fruits. He advised them to grow those produce at least on an acre adding that small-scale farmers should grow high value commercial crops like onions. He urged people to establish industries for value addition to products in areas that currently have electricity supply.

He pledged a Shs.100 million donation to the SACCOs in Kazo area and out of which he paid Shs.10 million in cash. He assured the gathering that more funds would be provided in the national budget. He also pledged a donation of 1 bus each to Kazo Secondary and Kanoni Secondary Schools to ease their transport challenges.

On the environment, the President directed wananchi to stop cultivating in wetlands because they are water granaries that must be protected in order to benefit the population better.

Stressing that it is illegal to plant eucalyptus trees in wetlands, the President warned Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) with dismissal for failing in their duties like allowing wananchi to plant eucalyptus trees in prohibited areas.

Mr. Museveni said the valley dams that are in bad condition can be de-silted using excavators that were supplied to Districts as part of the roads construction equipment.

Kazo County Member of Parliament, Gordon Bafaki, on behalf of Kiruhuura District MPs, reported that only 4 out of 33 Government owned valley dams are in good condition. He requested government for Government intervention to de-silt the remaining 29.

The Kiruhuura Woman M.P. Sheila Mwine saluted the President for promoting the people of Kiruhuura especially through the Government run projects.

Kiruhuura District LC5 Chairman, Samwiri Katugunda, requested for more provisions from Government to Kazo Hospital because the facility serves people from neighbouring distant places like Kyegegwa District of Tooro Kingdom. He saluted President Museveni for the good road network and also for road construction equipment from the Central Government.

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