Government to industrialize Karamoja sub-region, build 20 vally dams

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Government has embarked on the construction of a 132KV power-line to support the industrialization of Karamoja sub-region including the fast tracking of the construction of the cement factory to create jobs.

Addressing regional leaders at Naitakwae village, North Division in Moroto district during his job and wealth creation tours, President Museveni said the government is also going to build 20 valley dams for water security.

“After peace, our next priority is water. Am glad we have done some dams but they are not enough. I have come to check on what we can do to solve this problem completely. Part of the problem is touching many things at a go. In our estimation big dams will cost about Shs 6bn (two million dollars each with a enough water to support 1200 heads of cattle for three months. It is not true that there is no water in Karamoja, it comes and goes and you follow it to Teso. This must stop. The water must stay here. We are going to build about 20 dams,” he said.

The President was to also commission the newly completed Soroti-Akisim-Moroto road noted that the government is going to further improve the infrastructure in the sub region by constructing a tarmac road from Moroto-Kotido-Kaabong, Moroto-Nakapiripirit, as well as the Kitgum-Karenga road.

“This is part of the development of Karamoja and is on going. The NRM brought peace, there is water and roads. The next big battle is fighting working for only the stomach. You have none stomach needs like education, health etc. Wake up and make money and support your children. Build better houses, the manyattas are good but you need grass every time. Do agriculture for food security and incomes,” he stressed.

President Museveni called on the leaders who included members of parliament, RDCs, LCV chairpersons and councilors, NRM district executive committees and district league chairpersons, district departmental heads, OWC officers, NRM sub-county chairpersons, Municipal chairpersons and councilors and NRM Municipality executive and league chairpersons, to educate their masses on income generation by engaging in modern agro-production by engaging in enterprises that are cost effective including fruits, poultry, piggery etc.

“Everybody must be engaged in modern commercial agriculture, that’s what I have come to talk to you about. Modern agriculture must be done in a planned way,” he emphasized.

The President who is in the region as part of the national campaign to promote the job and wealth creation campaign, equated political work with salvation work saying the work of leaders should save people from poverty and underdevelopment rather than propaganda and politicking. He said those talking about jobs should know that they come from wealth creation. 

The President cautioned the people of Karamoja against bush burning saying it destroys the environment.

“When you want new hair, do you burn your head? Grass can be cut and stored as hay for your cows. Don’t burn it,” he said. He also warned against the poor practice of property fragmentation and urged families to share what comes out of the property but not fragmenting it saying it loses value.

The Minister for the Presidency Hon. Esther Mbayo commended the President for the development in Karamoja sub-region. 

The State Minister for Karamoja, Hon. John Byabagambi saluted the President and the NRM government for the development in Karamoja saying with peace, development is possible.


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