President Museveni speaking at Uganda's 49th Independence Anniversary in Lira

49th Independence Anniversary address by the President of Uganda in Lira 2011

9th October 2011
HE The Vice President; Rt Hon Speaker; His Lordship the Chief Justice; Rt Hon Deputy Speaker; Rt Hon Prime Minister; Their Highnesses, the Cultural Leaders; Hon Ministers; Hon Members of Parliament; Distinguished Guests; Ladies and Gentlemen; I greet all of you and congratulate you at the 49th Anniversary of Uganda’s Independence.   Uganda, in the last 49 years, went through a lot of trouble – military coups, unconstitutional...

State of the Nation Address by the President of Uganda - 2011

8th June 2011
H.E. the Vice President; Rt. Hon. Speaker; His Lordship the Chief Justice; Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker; Rt. Hon. Prime Minister; Rt. Hon. Leader of the Opposition; Hon. Ministers; Hon. Members of Parliament; Distinguished Guests; Ladies and Gentlemen.

State of the Nation Address June 2011

8th June 2011
Madam Speaker, under Article 101 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the President is mandated, at the beginning of each Session of Parliament, to deliver to Parliament an address on the State of the Nation.    This afternoon Madam Speaker, I am, therefore, here to do two things: First, to fulfill that constitutional obligation by giving accountability of what has been done since the last address which I delivered...

Swearing In 2011

13th May 2011
First of all, I congratulate all the Ugandans for the peaceful elections held on the 18th of February, 2011 and other elections held since that date. Secondly, I thank the Ugandans for overwhelmingly voting for me with 68.3%, the NRM Members of Parliament with 73%, District Leaders (LCV) with 79% Sub-County leaders (LCIII) with 71%. I also congratulate the opposition parties on the seats they got in Parliament, the District Council seats they...

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