51st Independence Anniversary Celebrations

10th October 2013
Type: Speech

Your Excellency, General Armando Guebuza, President of the Republic of Mozambique;

The Leaders of the State and Party of Uganda;

Other Dignitaries present;

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Presidential Statements - UgandaA 50-year journey since independence (1962-2012)

A 50-year journey since independence (1962-2012): a good foundation for socio-economic transformation

4th October 2012
Type: Presidential Statement

I congratulate all of you on the attainment of the 50 years of independence.  I wish all of you a happy future.Before I talk about the last 50 years, let me first talk about Uganda.  There is a wrong but pervasive idea that Uganda was created by the British in 1894.  Even some official documents propagate this lie.  I have...

President launches preparations for 50 Years of the Independence of Uganda

6th May 2012
Type: News

President Yoweri Museveni has today launched events that will lead to Uganda’s 50th independence celebrations that will reach a climax on 9th October 2012 and described the last 50 years of independence as a period of learning experience. He said that although the country has not achieved what it should have realized in the past 50 years of...

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