President Museveni urges Teachers to observe nationalism.

Wednesday 25th January 2012

President Yoweri Museveni calls on teachers to observe nationalism.

He made the call today during a lecture presented on his behalf to Secondary School head-teachers and teachers, by one of his Private Secretaries, Mr. David Mafabi, at Shimoni Core Primary Teachers’ College in Kira Town Council in Wakiso district.

The head teachers and teachers that constituted the third batch of the Patriotism Workshop of 843 participants represent 233 schools from all parts of the country. 

President Museveni congratulated them for completing the two week course and reminded them that - as managers who help the minds of young people to grow, they must have a guiding compass that helps us in what we do. He said that the compass he was referring to is ideology which, he said, is meant to help us to move forward.

He stressed that nationalism is vital for social economic transformation as this helps to glue the fostering of inter-communal dependence because people need each other. He condemned those elements in society who promote sectarianism saying that by doing that they commit the errors of ignoring the similarities of the people of Africa.

Mr. Museveni also reminded the teachers that Pan Africanism is another major point that embeds nationalism on a larger scale adding that it unites more people who have similarities.

“In terms of defence, we would perform better if we co-operated as a big block in the region,” he emphasized.

Regarding development, the President noted that social economic transformation leads to the formation of a big middle class that is vital in creating more employment opportunities in society. He, however, noted that there must be peace as a prerequisite for societal development and transformation.

The president told the teachers that industrialization must be tailored in such a way that it leads the modernization of agriculture. He also emphasized that societal transformation must be preceded by the deliberate development of the human resource through such programmes in the case of Uganda like the Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE).

He strongly noted that the human resource is a necessary critical factor for social economic development. He also pointed out that there is need to modernize the infrastructure by working on roads, railways, electricity and the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sectors.

President Museveni criticized people that get involved in the sabotage society’s development programmes and cited those who obstructed electricity generation and sugar production.

He at this juncture appealed to workshop participants to do what the people want in relation to what is rationally correct. 

Speaking to the participants, the Minister of Education and Sports, Major Jessica Alupo and other officials presented certificates to the best performing workshop participants.

In her remarks, Minister Alupo commended the participants exhibiting strong will in training children to be patriotic. She revealed that the President pledged to donate Shs. 5 billion to the Teachers' Savings and Co-operative Credit Organization (SACCO) every financial year for the next five years. 

The Head of Public Service, Mr. John Mitala, asked the workshop participants to endeavour to promote patriotism wherever they go. He called on them to do what they can with what they have and where they are. He also highly commended them for attending the workshop.

The Commissioner of the Patriotism Secretariat Lt. Col Masiko reported that the workshop participants undertook training in marksmanship, handling a rifle and patriotism. He saluted the President for his ardent and continued support to the Patriotism Program.

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