“Use the conducive atmosphere to fight household poverty” – President

Wednesday 11th April 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has received and held a meeting with a delegation of Movement leaders from Kitgum district who called on him at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhuura district.

During the meeting that took place yesterday, the President challenged the Kitgum leadership to take advantage of the prevailing hard-earned peace in their district in particular and the region as a whole, as well as the existing government’s development programmes to sensitize the population on how to work and get themselves out of household poverty.

Mr. Museveni said it was not wise for the citizens to continue demanding for development infrastructure from government such as roads, electricity and educational institutions when they are not able to fully utilize them because of lack of sustainable income generation activities. He, therefore, appealed to wananchi to do their part in order to get rid of poverty at household level.

“Please, play your part. There are many areas in Uganda with numerous development infrastructure, like tarmac roads, etc that are within their proximity but despite this, there are people still living in abject poverty”, he noted.

He asked the people of Northern Uganda to take advantage of their large land-holdings with a reported average of 10 acres per family and engage in modern agriculture in line with the NAADS programme so as to enhance their production activities with a view to getting better household income.

He pledged that government will do her part by prioritizing particular areas such as electric power generation after successfully pacifying the country so as to cause rapid economic growth.

He said that power shortages will be history by July this year after Bujagali is fully operational adding that the construction of Karuma hydro-power dam will also commence later this year.

The President also strongly advised against land fragmentation which, he said, affects production and said Ugandan families need to do away with that negative inheritance practice that renders land uneconomic.

He also appealed to religious leaders to use their proximity to the population and emphasize strategies and methods of getting rid of household poverty because religious institutions stand to benefit greatly if their followers are economically empowered.

On the reported disorganization of the business environment by the opposition leaning Action for Change (A4C) group, the President said the group’s acts and arrogance is due to the existing weak laws in the country that do not criminalize those actions. He, therefore, called on the Movement MPs to support the Public Order and Management Bill once it is tabled in the House so that such criminal actions are halted.

The Kitgum district Movement Chairman, Mr. Ayera Jimmy George, who led the delegation, commended the President and government for their quick intervention in the management of the nodding disease that has affected the northern part of the country.

He also commended the government for its immediate intervention to compensate Acholi war debt claimants and for stopping cattle rustling by Karimojong warriors. He reported that the Kitgum Movement leadership will support the government’s NAADS programme that is aimed at eradicating poverty adding that if well implemented, each family in Kitgum district is capable of earning up to Shs. 40 million per annum.

The Minister of State for International Affairs, Mr. Henry Okello Oryem, among others was present.

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