“Security is a prerequisite to development” – President Museveni

Saturday 19th May 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has told a delegation of Busoga Youth Forum that security is a prerequisite to development. The Forum comprises NRM Youth League leaders, Youth Council leaders and Local Government Youth leaders from the Sub-Region.

The President, who was meeting members of the Forum at State House, Entebbe yesterday, said that Uganda has had a devastating experience of war in the past adding that it is now the duty of the Government to ensure security and peace reigns after the defeat of the criminals that used to kill wananchi as if it were a hobby.

Mr. Museveni stressed to the delegation the need for the youth to have ideology in order to found a strong basis for national development. He castigated local FM radio stations for specializing in the spreading of blatant lies and failing to contribute meaningfully to the development and transformation of the country.

Regarding the issue of employment, President Museveni told the youth delegation from Busoga that job opportunities are in agriculture, industries, services and Information Communication Technology (ICT) sectors. He, however, called for deliberate measures to transform and modernize the agriculture sector that, he said is, to a large extent, still being conducted in a traditional and peasantry manner. He urged the youth not to be unduly obsessed only with white jobs that are very few but also to strive and acquire skills that will propel them into creation of employment opportunities.

The President reiterated his call to holders of small pieces of land in the country to rear improved breeds of dairy cows and leave the indigenous beef cows to large scale land owners. Mr. Museveni pledged to avail a hatchery and feeds mill to the youth in Busoga in order to promote poultry production activities in their area.

He also reminded the youth that electricity is a crucial element in the struggle to create employment opportunities because industrial growth is dependent on the availability of power. He castigated some politicians that obstructed the efforts of the NRM Government aimed at the promotion of electricity generation and transmission noting that “it is a crime to obstruct electricity generation and supply.”

Addressing himself to the issue of rioters who persistently get bail, the President Museveni observed that this problem needs to be addressed quickly through legislative measures.

The Chairperson of Busoga Youth Forum, Princess Percis Namuganza, on behalf of the delegation, requested the President for recapitalization of the districts’ youth SACCO.


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