“Africa must end marginalization” – President Museveni

Wednesday 30th May 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has stressed that the historical mission of the current generation of Africans and the next one, is to resist marginalization, manipulation and dominion to ensure the future of the continent.

"The problem for Africa in the last 500 years has been poor political organization and the low level of integration. That is why it was conquered, suffered slave trade, was colonized and marginalized. Therefore, the historical mission of our generation and that of our children is to immunize Africans against the evils of marginalization, manipulation and dominion", he stressed.

President Museveni, who is on a 2-day State Visit to the State of Eritrea at the invitation of President Isaias Afwerki, was yesterday speaking at a dinner hosted in his honour by his host at State House, Eritrea.

The President, in his remarks, added that Africa can be safeguarded by strengthening programmes of modernization in terms of education, developing infrastructure and the economy as well as ensuring political integration. He pointed out that Africa, which is rich in terms of human and natural resources, is linked together by the rich culture of its people.

"When we are talking about African integration, it is already in place. What we need to take advantage of, is the strategic security. When I was watching traditional dancers and their instruments, one would think that he is in Uganda because they are similar. So, it is not just emotionalism driving us to political integration," he said.

President Museveni added that Africa is one as opposed to what some people are saying that the continent is in many groups.

"You hear some people say there are many groups in Africa. This is not the case. There are only 4 groupings on the continent that include the Bantu, Nilo-Saharan Cushitic, Afro-Asian and the Khoisan of South Africa. Africa is not disconnected as some uninformed commentators say. There are only 4 groups on the continent”, he said.

President Museveni, however, congratulated the people of Eritrea for reconstructing their country. He proposed a toast to the good health of the President and the people of Eritrea, the deep fraternal relationship between the people of the region, East Africa, the Horn of Africa and the continent and those between Uganda and the State of Eritrea.

The host, President Afewerki, on his part, expressed on behalf of the people of his country, his profound appreciation for the timely visit adding that it was not a mere gesture but a continuation of steadfast efforts in enhancing the relationship between African countries. He commended the NRM government, under the leadership of President Museveni, for the development Uganda has achieved that he witnessed during his visit in the country between the 16th and 19th August 2011.

He said Eritrea and Uganda share a lot in common, especially in striving to achieve the aspirations of their respective peoples’ dignity and prosperity.

He noted that Africa still remains marginalized and impoverished despite its tremendous human capital and natural resources. He called on the continent to work together towards regional integration and also to overcome challenges like lack of infrastructure that is needed for the enhancement of trade.

President Afewerki proposed a toast for the good health of President Museveni and the people of Uganda and the good bilateral relationship between the people of the 2 countries, Eritrea and Uganda.

Later President Museveni, who was entertained by various traditional groups, performed the ceremony of the traditional welcome where he was served with coffee brewed at the spot.

The Minister of State for Regional Affairs, Hon. Asuman Kiyiingi, among others, attended the dinner.


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