The First Lady addresses a congregation of the Uganda Jubilee Gospel Crusade

Sunday 10th June 2012

The First Lady, who is also the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Mrs. Janet Museveni has said that God is still faithful to the people of Uganda.

She made the remarks yesterday in Bwaise (Makerere Kikoni) when she addressed a congregation of the Uganda Jubilee Gospel Crusade. The 5-day event was attended by thousands of Christians and closed on Saturday evening 09th June 2012.

The First Lady thanked God for bringing Rev. Rainheard Bonnke and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda from the USA to reinforce the Gospel in Uganda. She noted that God’s message guides our hearts, our lives and builds nations.

She cautioned the Christians to appreciate that God’s blessings come with conditions. She stressed that the people need to obey the voice of the Lord that God may bless us which is His desire.

She reminded the gathering that we need to share with our neighbours adding that they also need to forgive.

Mrs. Museveni said that this is Uganda’s Jubilee and that we must obey all His commandments so that Uganda receives all the blessings.

She told the congregation that if they forgive people who wronged them they would leave the venue when they have changed for the better.

During the prayers, witchcraft charms and fetishes were burnt.

The General Secretary of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, Pastor Joshua Lwere saluted President Museveni and the First Lady Mrs. Museveni for facilitating the Crusade.

He thanked her for maintaining a good testimony about Jesus. He also thanked her for identifying with the Born Again and Evangelical Churches.

Pastor Lwere said that as Balokole they feel that the real Jubilee of any people starts in the spirit when they are set free from sin, sickness, infirmity, disease, curses and poverty.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda said that salvation is not only for the good people but for everyone.




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