“Principled reconciliation ensures avoidance of repeat of bad past” – President

Sunday 1st July 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the people of Uganda need to appreciate forgiveness and reconciliation as a means through which a repeat of the bad past will be forestalled to give ground for development.

“Because Uganda had a bad beginning politically, based on religious and tribal biases, the people need to understand that forgiveness and principled reconciliation is the only means through which a repeat of the past will be prevented so that development would be achieved”.

President Museveni was yesterday speaking at the thanks-giving ceremony in honour of Mzee Asanansio Rutimbirayo, who celebrated his 110th birthday anniversary in Kabwohe town, Sheema district. Centenarian Asanansio Rutimbirayo, is father to former Obote 11 Government Security Minister, Mr. Chris Rwakasiisi, who had been on death row in Luzira prison for over 20 years but was later released by the Movement Government of President Museveni under the presidential prerogative of mercy.

Using a passage from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Holy Bible, President Museveni noted that as there is time for everything, people should always look for ways to minimize problems and avoid their aggravation.

The President expressed his gratefulness to God for enabling Mzee Rutimbirayo to celebrate his 110th birthday. He said that the long life that Mzee Rutimbirayo has been able to lead is God’s doing.

On his part, former Minister Chris Rwakasisi, thanked God for the long life of his father. He too expressed immense gratitude to President Museveni for his magnanimous heart that led to his being granted an unconditional pardon when he was on the death row in Luzira maximum prison.

Ministers, Ephraim Kamuntu of Tourism and Wildlife, of Health, Christine Ondoa and RDC, Charles Mubiru, among others, attended the ceremony.

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