President urges Sheema people on wealth creation

Sunday 1st July 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has emphasized the need for the people of Uganda to appreciate the fact that wealth creation in homesteads through embracing income generating projects is correlated to government’s role of extending services to the masses.

Speaking at the ceremony of commissioning Kihunda Health Centre 3 in Sheema North Constituency, Sheema district, the President explained to the area’s residents that the effort that is expended in wealth creation goes hand-in-hand with services delivery. He, therefore, called on the people of Sheema in particular and all Ugandans in general, to fully realize that wealth creation, entails the need for the masses to play their part by embracing income generating activities, which, in turn will go a long way in helping government to extend development services to the people. 

During the commissioning ceremony that took place yesterday at Kihunda Primary School’s play ground, the President observed that engaging more in income generating agricultural projects would go a long way in ensuring that development starts right from the grassroots level.

Regarding issues of health, the President strongly advised the people of Sheema district to avoid the habit of courting multiple sexual partners to prevent the spread of STDs. He said that cervical cancer that has lately become rampant is one of the problems whose roots are traceable by a virus that spreads through sexual encounters.

President Museveni thanked the people of Sheema North Constituency in particular and the whole district for their continued support to NRM. He assured them that the Movement government is committed to the development of their area as a whole. He gave assurances that the government is fully committed to the fight against corruption which, he said, had affected the tempo of development in the country.

In her remarks, the Minister of Health, Hon. Christine Ondoa, highly commended President Museveni for his ardent support to the health sector generally. She noted that the President’s support has made the exercise of taking services closer to the people much easier and in the process reduced unnecessary death especially among women and children.

She called on the people of Sheema North Constituency to make proper use of the new health centre facility. She particularly advised pregnant women to avoid giving birth at home. She also stressed the importance of shunning improper treatment of malaria in favour of procuring proper diagnosis and treatment from qualified medical personnel to avoid unnecessary deaths.

Sheema North Contituency Member of Parliament, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, expressed his gratitude to President Museveni and the Movement Government for the concern over the welfare of the people of Uganda which, he added, is well witnessed in the development of all sectors, including the health sector.

“Saving a life is the highest ethical act one can do to fellow mankind. A health centre such as the one that was built for the people of Kihunda, will help save many lives for generations to come”, MP Tumwesigye said.

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