Am committed to working with the President – FDCs Kyalya

Tuesday 24th July 2012
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Former FDC die hard Maureen Faith Kyalya Waluube has resigned her party membership and opted to align herself with the NRM government which she says is the only party that can bring services closer to the people.

“The reason I joined politics was to fight poverty among the Basoga. The President has identified me as one of those who can play a leading role in the fight against poverty. Am not an opportunist like some sections of the media were reporting, am just identifying myself with a political system that has the best option to work with the grass root people and fight poverty,” she said.

Kyalya has with immediate effect been appointed the coordinator for the National Poverty Alleviation Programme in Busoga region. Her main focus will be consulting and working with the local communities in Busoga region including the youth to deliver services to the people and to fight poverty.

“The youth are the soldiers for changing Busoga. Currently there is a lot of negative attitude among the youth that they have to get free things. We need to sensitive them and emphasis the idea that Busoga is one of the richest areas in this country. Since there is a lot of land, we can borrow experiences from other regions and prove that you can actually mobilize them to exploit their land to earn over Shs 3 million per day from various enterprises,” she said.

The Minister of State for the Environment Flavia Nabugera Munaaba welcomed Kyalya into the NRM government and said she was happy to see more young people increasingly becoming active in development issues. She described her as a bright, hardworking youg woman who is joining a great team.

The Head of the Poverty Alleviation Programme at State House Lydia Balemezi said she was happy to be working with Kyalya, adding that it would now be easier to communicate more directly with the grass root people in Busoga region.

“We need to change people’s attitudes towards their lives, change their cultural tendencies especially in terms of modern production through a language that they understand. As Statehouse employees, we work for the President of Uganda who serves everybody. We talk development and not politics while in the field,” she said.

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