“Root for wealth creation” – President urges the elite

Monday 1st October 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has said that he will gradually phase out State House scholarship scheme that had been established to cater for the educational needs of the fallen combatants of the protracted people’s armed struggle and other vulnerable children. He said that the funds would be used to support the NRM government’s loan scheme for students.

The President also urged the elite in Uganda to dedicate their valuable time to talking and sensitizing the people about wealth creation which, he said, is the key to development.

“Yes, people talk of social services and infrastructure but please talk about riches. Infrastructure assists development but to me wealth is number one”, the President stressed.

Speaking at the ceremony of the commissioning of Kabarole district administration block yesterday in Fort Portal Municipality, Mr. Museveni wondered why leaders only talk about infrastructure development but ignore the aspect of wealth creation.

“Leaders must not only talk about infrastructure but also on personal wealth. This block is good, will help us but it’s not wealth”, he noted

Giving himself as an example, the President said that there is no tarmac road in his home area in Rwakitura yet he is rich. He reminded the people of Kabarole in particular and Uganda as a whole to use the God-given endowments that Uganda enjoys, such as favourable weather and the rainfall to boost their household income generation. He assured the people of Kabarole that government is committed to supplying them with improved coffee seedlings and tea, among others, so that they get involved fully in the production of high quality products to be able to earn better household income and lead better and more prosperous life.

Addressing himself to youth aspects, the President warned them against premarital sex to guard against contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS scourge. He further encouraged the youth to be very mindful about being healthy in order to engage in projects that would give them wealth.

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