“Don’t mix politics with emotions’’ – President cautions Ugandans

Sunday 28th October 2012

President YoweriMuseveni has appealed to the people of Uganda not to mix politics with emotions as politics is purely scientific.“I appeal to you to remove emotions from politics. Politics is scientific. What is our goal, how do we achieve our goal and how do we convince people to achieve our goal” is what overrides in politics, he said.

The President was yesterday the guest of honor at the Thanksgiving ceremony jointly organized by Uganda’s Ambassador designate to the Republic of Egypt, Mr. Richard Angolia and the people of Maracha district to reconcile with the supporters of the Minister of State for Local Government, Mr. Alex Onzima, who is currently the area MP.

Rifts between Mr. Angolia and Mr. Onzima and their respective supporters in Maracha emerged in the 2011 Parliamentary elections when Mr. Angolia, who was the NRM flag bearer, lost to Mr. Onzima who stood as an Independent candidate in the Maracha Parliamentary seat.

The colourful thanksgiving ceremony that took place at Maracha Town Council Boma ground in Maracha District, had also been organized to thank God for the appointment of Mr. Angolia as Ambassador designate to Egypt.

President Museveni, who is the NRM Chairman, congratulated Mr. Onzima and Mr. Angolia along with their respective supporters for reconciling. He noted that this will go a long way in strengthening NRM. He stressed the importance of unity in Uganda and Africa pointing out that unity is basically for the good of an individual as it is closely linked to prosperity.

“When we are talking about unity in Uganda and Africa, we are talking about unity for you as an individual, especially if you are a serious person. I am a cattle keeper and my neighbours are also cattle keepers. No one buys milk and bananas from the other. Who are my saviours to get me out of poverty? It is the people of Kampala and other areas. Do people of Maracha eat the tobacco they grow? he asked to the amusement of the gathering.

The NRM Chairman further emphasized the need for leaders to mobilize wananchi in order to create a force that will realize an impact.

“A leader is useful if he/she organizes the masses and creates a force. Organization is greater than an individual. An individual alone cannot do much however clever you are,” he said.

President Museveni expressed his gratitude to note that the 2 leaders had reconciled. He called on them and their supporters to work together so as to give NRM more vigour in the region.

Regarding the issue of infrastructure in the area, President Museveni pointed out that most government pledges had been fulfilled. He called on the people of the area to also play their role of improving household income through modern commercial farming. He also urged leaders at all levels to sensitize wananchi on wealth creation.

The President appealed to Ugandans to guard against epidemics that keep emerging, such as the Marburg disease whose mode of transmission is through shaking hands with an infected person. He thanked the people of Maracha district for voting NRM overwhelmingly in the 2011 General Elections.

The area MP Mr. Onzima told the gathering that he accepted Mr. Angolia’s, invitation to the thanksgiving ceremony following the teachings of the Bible. He thanked President Museveni for all the development programs in his constituency and Uganda as a whole.

Mr. Richard Angolia called on all his supporters to rally behind Maracha MP, Mr. Alex Onzima while Madi-West Nile Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Joel Obetia called on all Ugandans to reconcile saying “divided we fall and united we stand.”

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