Saturday 23rd March 2013

First Lady and the Minister for Karamoja Affairs Hon. Janet Museveni has met and held talks with a delegation of Human Rights Activists from Robert. F. Kennedy (RFK) Centre for Justice and Human Rights for minority groups. In a meeting that took place at State House Entebbe on Wednesday, the First Lady and the delegation discussed a range of issues including the current bill under discussion and issues of homosexuality and other minority groups in the country.

On the issue of homosexuality, the First Lady said that the said people are not persecuted in Uganda, but added that culturally their way of life is not admired by the people in this country. She said that however people should understand where we come from, saying that as a country, we are a God fearing people with strong cultural values and these are some of the factors that define our way of life. Mrs. Museveni noted that she is passionate on protecting the children especially on diseases such as HIV/AIDS, pornography and other foreign influences that can pollute their minds an early age.

There is also a danger when our children or young people are tempted to accept money gifts or modern gadgets such as expensive phones, computers, and music equipment so that they are recruited into homosexuality practices, she added. Hon. Janet Museveni said that she is happy to hear that the team had met and talked to Hon Bahati, the initiator of this Private Members Bill. She also assured Mrs. Kennedy that she has had time to discuss with Hon Bahati and believes that he will act according to God's guidance since he is a God fearing person. Ms Kerry Kennedy, the leader of the delegation commended the First Lady for the hospitality. The group has been in the country for one week on human rights education campaign.

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