Joint Communique by Governments of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda as Heads of State of the Three Countries Concluded Trilateral Talks

Wednesday 26th June 2013

The meeting between the two presidents was attended by ministers and other Dignitaries from both countries. The talks were held in a warm and cordial atmosphere. The two Heads of State noted the positive developments in the region including the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta through a free, fair and peaceful election. The presidents discussed issues pertaining to infrastructure development, Energy, trade facilitation and East Africa cooperation. They noted that non-tariff barriers including movement of labour continue to hinder intra-EAC trade and full implementation of the Common Market noted the delays in the clearingof goods at Mombasa port, and Malaba and agreed to take immediate measures to improve management of the Port and expedite clearance by URA at Malaba border points.


The two Presidents of Uganda and Kenya agreed to

 • Implement a programme for Uganda to collect customs duties before goods are released from Mombasa port. For goods destined for warehousing in Uganda importers would continue to execute the general bond security.

 • Jointly develop the Kapchorwa-Swam-Kitale road;

 • Explore the possibility of Kenya investing in quality chemicals industry which manufactures aids and malaria drugs.

 • Coordinate joint disarmament of cattle rustlers on both sides of the border and encourage other countries in the region to complement these efforts.

 • Furthermore, the Presidents agreed to establish a mechanism for mutual recognition of quality standards within EAC framework and other internationally recognized standards in which Kenya and Uganda are members.

 • Establish a joint permanent commission for regular consultations.

His Excellency Paul Kagame joined the meeting and the three held trilateral talks. The three Heads of State of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda agreed as follows:



Agreed to revamp the existing railway network and also construct new standard gauge railway line and extend it to Rwanda, including joint mobilization of resources, Develop an oil pipelines for finished products from Eldoret to Kampala and extend to Rwanda Develop a crude oil pipeline from Uganda to Kenya link to South Sudan.



Explore the possibility of EAC partner states to invest in the oil Refinery to be constructed in Uganda



To enhance electricity generation and distribution by exploring and utilizing the resources within each partner state, including exploring other alternatives sources like renewable energy, nuclear and geothermal.



To strengthen the single customs territory and implement all the provisions therein where taxes will be collected at the entry points like Mombasa, Mpondwe, Oluhura



By setting up a committee that will draft an EAC political federation framework that will be considered and discussed by all relevant parties.



The e-identity cards have already been introduced in the Kenya and Rwanda and Uganda should follow suit. This will ease the movement of persons and services.



Fast track the establishment of EAC single tourist visas to facilitate the tourist industry in the region



Distribute responsibilities as follows:

A) Republic of Uganda- will spearhead the issues of railway development and political federation

 B) Republic of Kenya – will spearhead – issues of electricity generation and distribution and oil pipe development

 C) Republic of Rwanda – will spearhead the issues of customs, the single tourist visa, and EAC e-identity card



Committees will be instituted chaired by respective partner state and the chairs will be responsible for coordination of mobilization of the necessary resources.



To meet every two months to review progress of implementation of the above decisions.The 1st meeting will be held in Nairobi, Kenya in august 2013 and subsequent meeting in Kigali, Rwanda in October 2013.H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, H.E President Paul Kagame thanked their host President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the Republic of Uganda for the warm and cordial hospitality extended to them and their delegation during their stay.

Joint Communique by Governments of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda as Heads of State of the Three Countries Concluded Trilateral Talks

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