Country is more important than individual, tribe, religion – President

Saturday 9th November 2013

President Yoweri Museveni has said the NRM party provided an ideology that enabled the nation to build a strong army because the country is more important than individuals, tribes or religion.

“You can’t develop an army without an ideology, what you need to sort out first is what is the army for? What the NRM did was to provide the Ideology so as to develop the army, the NRM believes the country is more important than an individual, a tribe or a religion. We take patriotism as very important component of our ideology that’s why we don’t like those who promote tribalism” he said.

Sighting the example of his Banyankole neighbours who produce milk just as he does and don’t buy from one another, he said their prosperity is largely dependent on people in Kampala who consume their milk and give them income. Likewise, he said the people of Kasese grow mangoes, many of which are bought by the people in Kampala. The prosperity of Kasese therefore is based on the purchasing power of the people in Kampala.

The President was today the chief guest at a multi-religious thanksgiving service for Kasese district for the several achievements the district has realized under the NRM government. The district also recognized the various sons and daughters of Kasese who have excelled under the leadership of President Museveni including the recent promotion of Col. Wilson Mbadi to the rank of Major General and subsequent appointment as the joint chief of staff. The colourful ceremony took place at Booma grounds in Kasese municipality.

The President emphasized that Uganda was able to build a strong army because of the NRM ideology of patriotism, pan africanism, social economic transformation and democracy.

Responding to the Kingdoms Prime Minister Henry Kandabu request that more sons of Kasese get promotions in the army, the President said progression in the army is based on two things.

“The UPDF based on two criteria, joining the professional is democratic. As you know we have quotas for every district in Uganda which is new. In the past, recruitment was only from one area. Secondly progression is based on professionalism – a good soldier, good commander, do courses and do them well..that is how Mbadi excelled,” he said.

The President congratulated Major. Gen. Wilson Mbadi for his elevation which he said was because he is a good officer and also congratulated his parents for the good upbringing.

Mr. Museveni used the occasion to caution civilians against putting pressure on soldiers and civil servants with their endless demands that at times tempt them to encroach on government resources leading them into trouble.

“Please don’t disturb soldiers, let them do their job and provide security so that you use the peace and security to provide for your needs” he said.

Major. General Wilson Mbadi commended President Museveni for putting in place a formidable force that has worked and delivered peace in the entire country and helped regional efforts to promote peace which he said,he was proud to belong to. He pledged his loyalty to the force and nation and thanked the President for the guidance given to him overtime.   

The main celebrant at the service the Bishop of Rwenzururu diocese Rt. Rev. Bishop Zebbedee Kahangwa Masereka called on the people to nature the spirit of thanks giving every time one attains a milestone, urging Christians not to take their achievements for granted. He also cautioned people against materialism that has breed rampant corruption in the country which he said starts at family level noting that God loves humble people who are good servants to use. He also called for righteousness among citizens which he said was the only thing that can exalt the nation while sin he said would make a nation crumble.

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