“Deny bail to crime suspects” – President Museveni

Friday 22nd November 2013

President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to the National Legislative Assembly to support his proposed bill to deny bail to  suspects of defilement, murder, rape, treason and those involve in the embezzlement of either public or private employers’ funds noting that failure to effect the no bail call was fueling high level crime in the country.

The President was responding to the security concerns raised by Bushenyi district LC5 Chairman, Mr. Willis Bashasha at the opening of the new financial block building for Kyamuhunga People’s Co-operative Saving and Credit Society Limited and also the launching of the youth and women loaning programme. The ceremony took place yesterday in Kyamuhunga town Igara West constituency in Bushenyi district.

Mr. Bashasha said that several people had been murdered in Bushenyi district in the recent past by unknown people. He said that this was a source of great concern because those who had been implicated in the murders and had been arrested were quickly released but re-arrested for the same offence.

“I have suggested before that murder suspects should not get bail but I was frustrated by the Parliament. I will appeal to them again if we are to stop this criminality”, the President said.

The President, however, said government will do whatever it takes, to prevent crime in the country.

“If we prevented and defeated those who were using guns, how about those using pangas? We shall defeat them at any cost”, the President declared.

Mr. Museveni instructed the police and other security agencies to do enough community policing and carry out societal intelligence. He also strongly advised parents to guide and advise their children rightly adding that the community should report anybody suspected to be involved in wrongdoing.

Speaking specifically on the activities of the credit co-operative society whose building he had commissioned, the President commended the organization’s growth in membership and financial resource. He noted that it was not only their achievements that highly commendable but also deserved government support.

Mr. Museveni pledged Shs.336 million for the required technological support to that co-operative society and Shs. 100 million for procurement of transport for the society. He further promised government support to ensure further growth of the society.

The President, at this juncture, announced that government was set to review and possibly remove taxes on SACCOS saying the practice could hamper the saving culture in the country.

Mr. Musevni thanked Fr. Tomaino Paulino, a Comboni Missionary, who founded Kyamuhunga People’s Co-operative Society for his foresightedness. He also commended another priest, Fr. Felix Tumuheise, for being a good and foresighted leader in realizing that human needs go beyond their spirituality.

Regarding the quest for cheaper loans by the SACCO, the President said money was available in government at an interest rate of 12 percent per annum. He called on the  Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives not only to avail the information on how to access the money but also to actually avail the funds.

The President used the occasion to caution Ugandans about the deadly HIV/AIDS pandemic. He particularly told the youth to fully realize that although ARVs are available, they are not life saving drugs and not a cure to the HIV/AIDS scourge. He advised them guard against getting the pandemic and only use their prime youthful age valuably and productively.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Mrs. Amelia Kyambade commended Kyamuhunga People’s Co-operative and Credit Society for being a transparent, vibrant and well managed SACCO.  She observed that the SACCO had not only earned a high-sounding name as a role model in the country but also as a leading organization in the entire Western part of the country. She, therefore, appealed to the management of the society to always follow and adhere to the laws that govern cooperatives in the country. She called on the members of the society to endeavour and always produce quality products and maintain their standards as that organization was largely dependent on farmers.

The Chairman Board of Directors for Kyamuhunga People’s Co-operative Savings and Credit Society, Fr. Felix Tumuheise reported that the society was running in accordance with government vision on cooperatives which are creation of wealth, its distribution, creation of jobs and poverty eradication. He said that the society had instilled in members the saving culture, entrepreneurship skills and financial discipline.

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