President commissions the Busulani - Bubolo electricity line and Wosita Bridge in Budadiri, Sironko district, Commends Hajji Mafabi Lumolo, a farmer, for the construction of Sironko NRM Office.

Wednesday 29th January 2014
Bbosa Tonny

State House Uganda - NewsState House Uganda - News President Yoweri Museveni has paid glowing tribute to Hajji Sulaiman Masaba Lumolo for spearheading the construction of Sironko District NRM office. He made the remarks yesterday in Sironko Town shortly after commissioning the new office building. The President had been to Jinja earlier in the day for the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of the new bridge across River Nile.

Hajji Masaba who is also the District NRM Chairman mobilized NRM members and supporters and completed the structure that cost over Sh 500 million.

President Museveni said, “This is the first time somebody has mobilized resources for the construction of NRM District Offices in the country. I have been mobilising money for the NRM for the last 43 year."

He was pleased to learn that Mafabi plans to build a hostel to generate income for the Party.

President Museveni told the gathering that he had mobilized funds towards the construction of an NRM building in Kampala.

He received 1,684 FDC members who converted to the NRM. The converts revealed that many of them were given false promises which previously led them to join FDC Party.

The President commended the Sironko District Chairman Mafabi Lumolo for the example he has shown in his home of rearing cows and poultry from 4 acres of land. He noted that Hajj Mafabi produces 160 litres of milk per day in addition to rearing layer chickens.

He said that it was possible for Bugisu sub region with small pieces of land to carry out high value activities to generate income. He told the people that it is not good to have a home without income generation.

He pledged to facilitate the Parish by providing every home with chickens for income generation. He called on Hajji Mafabi to work in his Parish and ensure that each home has income generating activity.

He reiterated that the NRM Government would give such demonstration to the whole country through the support of such ventures.

He called on the people to stop sleeping and work hardtop get out of poverty. He encouraged them to rear poultry, cows and pigs as part of their efforts to eradicate poverty.

President Museveni revealed that agriculture and industry are the sectors that can promote people towards the generation of good incomes. He assured the people that when commodities are produced and not consumed in Uganda, they can be sold in the region and abroad.

With particular reference to the youth, the President said that there are 4 major economic sectors in the country, namely agriculture, industries, services, ICT. He said that even after completing their studies they can work as farmers since they are assured of good incomes from the venture.

He encouraged those intending to work in industries to specialize in order to ensure efficiency. He was pleased to note that ICT was a new sector which has created employment.

He urged the youth to get out of trouble by not consuming alcohol stressing that it was slow suicide. He warned that any alcohol consumed affects one’s liver. He said health is wealth.

The President cautioned the youth against the HIV/AIDS scourge. He noted that it was a voluntarily acquired disease in many of the cases and warned gainst promiscuity.

President Museveni told the people that the construction of the Muyembe- Moroto road was in progress adding that the works had started from Moroto District.

Pic: Hajj Mafabi shows the President the plan of the hostel he intends to construct to generate income for the party

Earlier, the President commissioned the Busulani- Bubolo electricity line. The new 7 K.M. power line linking Busulani Sub County to Bubolo Parish cost Sh 400 million. It was constructed under the Community Agriculture Infrastructure Improvement Program.

Later, President Museveni commissioned the Wosita Bridge in Budadiri, Sironko District. He also toured the farm of Hajji Sulaiman Masaba which rears zero grazing dairy cows producing 160 litres of milk per day. It also rears 3,000 layer hens under the open range poultry management system.

The Minister of Energy Irene Muloni saluted the President for the construction of bridges, roads and infrastructure development in Sironko District.

The Sironko District NRM Chairman Hajji Sulaiman Masaba handed over the new Office building to President Museveni who is also the NRM National Chairman. He revealed that the NRM leadership in the area plans to generate income for the Party from the proposed four storied hostel structure. He assured the President of 95% of the votes during the 2016 elections.

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