Mama Janet Kataha has been voted as Africa’s most decent First Lady

Saturday 24th May 2014

A survey made by Global Decency Index (GDI), has rated Uganda’s First Lady, Hon Janet Kataha Museveni, as the most decent African First Lady.

GDI is an index that aggregates decency and inspiration derived from decent fashion, directly or indirectly between the girl child and woman leaders/elders from all walks of life.

The survey was based on a record of events that Africa’s first ladies have attended in the last 12 months, with the aim of aggregating their fashion statements and eventually rating them on decency grounds.

The index formula was invented by Decent Africa, Africa’s leading fashion aggregating brand that strives to promote decency and self esteem among the girl children, through taking record on every unique fashion statement.

How it works

Followers of popular women, public figures, women leaders, girls in school among others rate a given individual’s fashion decency out of 10.

A panel of at least 20 expert fashion judges with high levels of integrity rate decent fashion styles out of 10.

The results are combined together for which each sector contributes a specific mark to the Global Decency Index (GDI).

Daily, monthly, annual average GDI for a given region are published.

Qualities for Decent Fashion

According to GDI, for one to qualify, she should be devoid of indecent exposure of body parts that are traditionally considered sensitive e.g. breasts, thighs etc, must exude respect, must not water down someone’s integrity, must be relevant to ones profession e.g. nature of job, school and be compatible with a particular event e.g. party, traditional event etc.

This year, the first ladies were rated on the basis of at least 50 events that they have appeared on as first ladies and Hon Janet topped the list.

Hon. Janet Museveni, according to the study, is the most decent first lady in Africa for 2014, according to an in-depth survey that was independently carried out by Decent Africa.

The study also found out that Hon. Janet, who has been first lady of Uganda since 1986 has great passion for her culture and takes advantage of every single opportunity to promote African fashion and art.

She has been found fashionable both in traditional and contemporary wear and always dresses in a way that does not compromise her dignity.

Janet scored 7.9 out of 10, the Global Decency index top mark, thanks to her great sense of fashion that does not only present her to the public as a respectable personality but also inspires many youthful ladies and young African girls.

Decent fashion encourages self-esteem, this study further discovered.

Her Kinyankole outfits are always special, colorful and well thought of; this is a great way to promote African culture.

“We are honoured to know she cares about inspiring the girl child. Congratulations upon topping this first ever unique fashion listing in the whole world,” Miss Tasha Nalinya, Decent Africa’s CEO commented.

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