2014/2015 budget poised to boost infrastructure sector

Thursday 12th June 2014

Government is committed to developing the infrastructure sector, according to the new budget for the fiscal year 2014/2015 read by Finance Minister, Maria Kiwanuka at Serena Conference Centre in Kampala.
According to the Minister, Shs 75bn has been allocated to the Uganda Road Fund to facilitate the maintenance and rehabilitation of approximately 10,000km of national, district, urban (including Kampala City) roads and community access roads across the country.

Also, Shs 1,005.5b has been allocated to the security sector, Shs 2,575.5bn to Works and Transport sector, Shs 1,675.7b to the Energy and Minerals sector, Shs 1,699.4bn to the education sector, Shs 1,197.8bn to the health sector while Shs 30b went to provision of safe water and sanitation.

Speaking on the same occassion, President Yoweri Museveni said reforms in public finance management were underway to address the problem of diverting government funds.

“Our revenue to GDP ratio of 13% means that those who are supposed to pay taxes are not paying them. Public servants must facilitate and not constrain private and public sector development,” he added.

He revealed that the new budget highlighted a shift in resources from consumption to investment adding that reforms would reduce the cost of doing business.

He was proud to associate with achievements made in the infrastructure sector citing the 1700 kilometers of roads currently under construction.

“Uganda is now connected from corner to corner. You can now drive on tarmac road to all corners of Uganda. As a result of this shift in resources, Uganda has achieved connectivity across the country.”

He further reiterated the need for massive agricultural production emphasising value addition as highlighted in the State of the Nation Address.

“The youth can go into agriculture, those who have got degrees that are not easy to get into the job market. For products like maize we must have enough enhanced capacity and storage.”

On health, the President was happy to note that the death rate of AIDS victims fell from 66000 in 2011 to 56000 in 2013.

He said 577000 people were on ARVs hence a reduction in AIDS infection numbers.

“The number of new babies born with HIV also dropped to less than 8000.”

FULL BUDGET SPEECH: http://www.statehouse.go.ug/media/news/2014/06/12/budget-speech-financia...

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