President commissions Kayunga-Kamuli ferry, Directs Education Ministry to ensure Busitema University conducts Marine course at Namasagali College

Monday 16th June 2014

President Museveni has directed the Ministry of Education to introduce a marine Course at Namasagali University, a college of Busitema University, saying while neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania all have fully fledged marine training units, Uganda did not have one.

He said the country needed more people with expertise to maintain the improved water transport systems in Uganda.

The President was speaking at a rally shortly after commissioning a multibillion shilling ferry linking Kayunga to Kamuli districts at Mbulamuti in Kamuli district.

"Enkoko eshonda ekyeramiire (a hen can only poke what it can swallow)," the President used a Runyankole proverb to explain government's policy of prioritizing projects saying, development issues needed no excitement, propaganda and lies but planning and prioritizing.

The President who was accompanied by the Speaker of Parliament also the area Member of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, her Deputy Jacob Oulanya various ministers and Members of Parliament, described the new ferry as part of the fruits they are deriving from consistently voting the NRM government into leadership.

"The bible says you reap what you sow. The people of Uganda have been voting NRM during elections. These are the fruits of NRM alongside the peace which is most vital for development," he said.

The President who took a ride on the ferry and addressed people at Kasana in Kayunga district before returning to Kamuli urged them to unite for development instead of fighting over petty issues.

Referring to the rift created by the location of the ferry that was eventually settled by engineers in UNRA, the President said they decided to shift the initial location from Nabuganyi three kilometres upstream because of the rocks underneath the river and emphasized that all Ugandans can now use it without any problems.

The President said development issues can sometimes be confusing for some people, adding that he had a war with some government officials insisting on increasing salaries instead of developing infrastructure.

"I had a war but kept quiet. Last year, I told government people that we could not increase salaries until we complete about twenty main roads. There was an uproar and they insisted that teachers must get salary increment. I said I can't use money for infrastructure to increase salaries. They threatened a demonstration and I also threatened to sack them. Fortunately, the teachers appreciated my way forward and calmed down. That year we invested Shs 2500bn in roads alone. After the big roads were done, this year I agreed to a salary increment. You can't demand for roads, for infrastructure development and demand for salary increments all at the same time. If you increase salary that wasn't planned and budgeted that means you cut funds meant for infrastructure. Whoever tells you that all things can be done at ago is not truthful, is telling you lies," he said.

The President said government work is not about talking but planning and prioritizing.

"During our bush war, Kayiira said he wanted to attack Kampala in two days, he thought guerrilla warfare was a joke. When he went to attack Kampala, he was hit by Obote's people and lost all arms.”

He emphasized that development and wealth creation are vital but added that while the ferry is development for all Ugandans, “wealth goes directly into your home”.

He commended the people of Busoga for growing a lot of maize but urged them to engage in cost effective enterprises that improve incomes.

He said he would lend the country about 400 soldiers to work alongside extension staff in over 238 constituencies to improve income generation among households.

He warned against land fragmentation and assured the Basoga that the Busoga railway loopline will be considered as the country upgrades its railways system.

The President later commissioned 10 classroom blocks at St. Paul Senior Secondary School in Mbulamuti that cost government Shs 340million.

He also commissioned Century Hotel owned by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga in Kamuli.

Rt. Hon. Speaker Kadaga commended government for improving water transport between the districts and called upon the President to support the introduction of another ferry to ease transport on Lake Kyoga to link Budhiope with Teso.

She also thanked government for the piped water project in Mbulamuti and appealed to the President to support the construction of a girls’ dormitory at Nawanyago Technical institute which was left out by the Ministry of Education.

The President directed the Ministry to construct a dormitory for the girls emphasizing that construction of a dormitory was very easy.

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