Maintain health to have good lives - President Museveni

Friday 22nd August 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has called on wananchi in Uganda to consciously maintain health as a primary purpose for attaining good life on earth.

"It is important to take care of our lives by preventing illness. People must have balanced diet especially women and children,” he said.

The President was yesterday speaking at the commissioning of of Shuuku Health Centre 4 in South Western Uganda's Sheema district.

He said that pregnant women need to feed well in order to care for themselves and their unborn babies adding that observance of hygiene like using clean and covered latrines and wearing shoes cannot be over-emphasized.

President Museveni told wananchi that they should strive to ensure that they have all the relevant vaccines to keep at bay the 9 immunisable diseases.

He particularly reminded parents to ensure that all the girls who are between 8 and 12 years old are immunized against cervical cancer.

He revealed that the NRM Government has distributed medicated mosquito nets that wananchi should utilize fully as a measure for the good of their personal health.

He disclosed that soon, the Government would launch residual spraying of mosquitoes as an added strategy to combat malaria in the country.

Turning to household poverty fight, President Museveni called on the people to practice commercial agriculture to be able to earn more money to be able to solve numerous family social challenges.

He informed the people that NAADS programme has been dissolved on account of its non-performance by officials who were supposed to propel the programme.

He said the funds that were previously earmarked for NAADS, would be spread to all the constituencies in the country to boost agricultural production under the supervision of UPDF officers.

He lauded UPDF officers who have managed the veterans' agro project for the glaring success. President Museveni strongly cautioned people against land fragmentation.

He stressed that the practice would lead to rife poverty. He called for efforts to intensify land consolidation so that more viable production activities whose monetary proceeds should be the only resource to be shared by family members instead of destroying the available land through the archaic negative land parcelling.

The President also commissioned Shuuku Savings and Credit Co-operative Organization (SACCO) and made a cash donation of Shs 20 million to boost the venture.

He later laid the foundation stone for the proposed new Kasaana Sub-County offices where he again emphasized observance of good health adding that he is almost 70 years old and quite energetic because he cared much about his health which in turn armed him with the necessary weapon to lead a successful liberation struggle that has emancipated Uganda.

He cautioned also cautioned against promiscuity, alcoholism and smoking because, observed, health is wealth.

He announced that 2 UPDF Officers would be deployed in the area to assist wananchi boost agricultural production.

He made a cash donation of Shs.10 million to Kasaana SACCO. Before concluding his tour of Sheema district, the President officiated at the Centenary celebrations of St. Patrisio Muhito Catholic Church during which he laid the foundation stone of the proposed Muhito Girls' Secondary School.

He donated Shs 30 million to the school building project and advised the people to maximize commercial farming to eradicate household poverty.

He cited activities like poultry, piggery, banana and coffee growing, cultivation of elephant grass for cow zero grazing and fish farming for people who are near wetlands, among others, as some of roles that could be embraced to fight against poverty.


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