President lauds joint regional army training

Saturday 6th September 2014

The President, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, General Yoweri Museveni, has lauded the joint training conducted by the UPDF together with soldiers from regional fraternal states describing the move as being in line with the NRM’s revolution of Pan-Africanism that cherishes the unity in Uganda, the Region and the African continent.

"I am very happy to note that we are training together with soldiers from fraternal countries because we are Pan-Africanist. In NRM, our revolution is a revolution of Pan-Africanism; to work for unity in Uganda, the region and Africa", he stressed.

General Museveni was commissioning Officer Cadets who have been undergoing a 12-month military course in various disciplines at the Uganda Military Academy in Kabamba Mubende district.

The Officer Cadets, who graduated to 2nd Lieutenant, were drawn from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda.

President Museveni congratulated graduands upon completing their course and reminded them that it was only an introduction into leadership that requires one to have skills of combat as well as good command.

He encouraged them to acquire more skills by going for further courses that will expose them to strategy that affects the conduct of the battle theatre.
The President also stressed that soldiers must always have stamina in both mind and body and must always take care of those under their command and lead them by example not from proxy.

He advised them to do a lot of reading from their libraries especially on the literature of military leaders who have made tremendous contributions in the past.

"This will help you to see how other people solved problems in situations you are likely to face", he counseled.

He added that every army, in any part of the world, has a purpose adding that the purpose of UPDF is to protect wananchi, their unity and the sovereignty of the state.

President Museveni strongly advised the new 2nd lieutenants to be disciplined, avoid alcohol and promiscuity that can end their life prematurely.

"Keep yourself healthy, do your work and when the time comes, get your family and concentrate on it so that you live longer in order to make a positive contribution to your country", he advised.

The Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Charles Angina, appreciated the joint training with soldiers from fraternal countries and urged the graduands to be disciplined.

The Commandant of the Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba, Brigadier Emmanuel Musinguzi, called on the graduands to apply the skills they had acquired in their course properly in order to see them become high ranking military officers in the future.

General Museveni later gave out prizes to the best performers in the course. The best overall Officer Cadet was Ekwang Sam and the best in class was Cherotich George.

The best student in the field was Guna George while the best fraternal Officer Cadet was Moka Micheal. The best in discipline was Sengozi Eddy Senyonjo.

The colorful ceremony that was held amidst a heavy down pour, was attended by delegations from the countries represented by students in the course, senior Army Officers, local leaders from Mubende district, parents, relatives as well as well-wishers of the graduands.

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