President Museveni Cautions Youth on Health Living

Monday 8th September 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has cautioned the youth to mind their health so as to live better lives.

The President was on Monday presiding over the pass out of Patriotic Training Trainees at Kagobe in Kapeeke sub county Kiboga district.

“I last fell sick in June 1984. I got Malaria but I don't know where mosquito found me,” he said, stressing that immunisation, hygiene, use of mosquito nets to guard against malaria, behaviour change and nutrition were of great importance.

He further noted that government gave Shs 700m for rehabilitation of the local hospital in order to help people fight diseases.

He also called upon residents to invest in education since there is peace.

“After education, you can then look at the five sectors: Agriculture, Industry, Services, ICT and Public Service,” he observed.

He pledged government support for the youth engaged in agriculture, saying the Shs 200m given will be increased alongside funds from NAADS and Microfinance per year.

Nyanzi Haruna, the LC1 Nyanzi Kapeeke, appealed to the President for motorcycles since the LC bicycles “you gave us were mismanaged”.

While responding to a Youth Councillor who was discontented with the Shs 200m given to the youth in district, Mr Museveni reiterated how he went to the bush with only 27 people but managed to defeat Obote.

“Jesus started with 72 people, then 12 disciples including; Judas Iscariot the traitor and Peter who denied him. We are all followers now,” he stated emphasising the need to fight poverty with the little resources they may have.


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