“We need skills to provide efficient public service” – President Museveni

Tuesday 18th November 2014
State House

President Yoweri Museveni has said that people need to acquire skills in order to render efficient Public Service.

“The Civil Servants need applied skills. There is no harm in having a totally dedicated Civil Service College. I, therefore, challenge Civil Servants to wake up. Corruption is one of the challenges hampering service delivery,” he said.

The President made the comments yesterday in Jinja Municipality during the ceremony of the commissioning of the Civil Service College of Uganda (CSCU). The newly constructed facility cost Shs. 8.8 billion to erect. He stressed the need to set up time-bound targets as a prerequisite to achieving efficiency in service delivery.

Emphasizing the need to have a private sector driven growth, the President wondered why it takes 32 days to register and license an investor company in Uganda when in Canada and Singapore the same process takes just only 2 days. He, therefore, said this situation of inefficiency was detrimental to national economic development.

He revealed that the NRM Government’s first priority was to eradicate “sleep” in the Public Service adding that the Service must serve investors quickly and facilitate production. He said the Government is committed to the eradication of poverty. He further stressed that standing operational procedures are a must in order to ensure efficiency in the Public Service. He once again reiterated that Civil Servants must fully support the private sector.

The President congratulated the Ministry of Public Service for implementing the College project adding that the funds earmarked for the College construction were not misused. He tasked officials of the Ministry of Public Service to study and learn from Singapore and Canada on how best to promote Civil Service delivery.

The 1st Deputy Prime Minister who is also Public Service Minister, Mr. Henry Muganwa Kajura saluted the President for his vision that has enabled the construction of the College. He also thanked the Minister of Lands, Mr. Daudi Migereko for his outstanding role that had gone a long way in enabling the Ministry of Public Service to acquire land for the College.

World Bank Uganda Country Manager, Mr. Amadu Mustapha Ndiaye, noted that the College was a key milestone in the sector of training in the Uganda Civil Service. He saluted President Museveni for spearheading the transformation process in the country noting that skilled manpower was crucial to the development process.

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