President: “Emphasize the four main NRM Principles to young generation.”

Saturday 29th November 2014
State House

President Yoweri  Museveni has  urged the people of Northern Uganda Region in particular and the country at large to continue educating the young generation on the four principles of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government with a view to empowering them appreciate the efforts that are being expended by Government to eradicate household poverty. He said that democracy, socio-economic transformation, prosperity and nationalism/ Pan-Africanism as the principles.

The President was yesterday addressing over 1,000 people from the 22 districts of Northern Uganda at State House, Entebbe in his on-going efforts to mobilize leaders throughout the country to support and supervise the different government development programmes that have been tailored to help wananchi eradicate household poverty and unemployment in the country. He also stressed the need to promote commercial agriculture as a way of enhancing the farmers’ ability to earn better income in the struggle to overcome poverty and unemployment.

Regarding the Uganda-South Sudan common border issue  that has been raised by Moyo district and also that along the DRC border in Zombo district, West Nile Sub-Region the President gave told the meeting that he would handle the matter together with his counterparts of the 2 neighbouring countries. He said that the territorial boundaries as demarcated by the colonial administration will be maintained.

On the Shs.350 billion that the government has been giving to the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) per annum for building of new and maintenance of marrum roads, would be transferred to Local Governments for better management.

The money they have been giving to UNRA will be transferred to the districts because UNRA is fond of contracts and tenders that lead to their squandering of the money,” he observed.

2nd Deputy Prime Minister, General Moses Ali, reported that the people of Northern Uganda have been left behind in terms development for the past 20 years because of insecurity. He said that the region needs peace and security to allow our children in the area to go to lead normal lives and go to school like in other areas of the country.

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