President hosts Busoga leaders

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

President Museveni has said that the practice of nationalism means no sectarianism, chauvinism and marginalization of any group of people adding that if prosperity for all is to become a reality, nationalism and Pan Africanism, have to take root first in our society.

Addressing opinion leaders, politicians, representatives of people, MPs and elders from Busoga Sub-Region yesterday at State House, Entebbe yesterday, the President informed his guests that the purpose of meeting them was to map out strategies of tackling what he referred to as a case of ideological under-nourishment. He stressed that in organizational operations, it is not healthy to move on without ideological nourishment.

The President emphasized the importance of the development of infrastructure saying that this forms a bridge between producers and consumers. He, therefore, informed Busoga Sub-Region leaders that government has laid emphasis on roads’ construction, railway and electricity provision. He said Shs.1.7 billion per annum was going to the building of roads in the country as roads play a vital role in national economic and social development. He further informed them that government is bent on converting all traditional families to middle class status through the promotion of development oriented programmes along with ensuring family security as a precursor to the realization of prosperity for all.

Mr. Museveni said NRM government has worked for the transformation of the human resource in the country through Universal Primary and Secondary Education Programmes. He reiterated Government’s total commitment to ensuring that the people of Uganda graduate from traditional subsistence to modern commercial farming. The President once again stressed the need for a good and vibrant health status for all people in the country so that goal of prosperity becomes a reality. He cautioned all the people to guard against Hepatitis B that he said is transmitted through promiscuity. He also warned them against excessive alcohol consumption.

Mr. Museveni discouraged the use of money in politics. He reminded MPs and Councilors in Uganda that leadership was not a career but service to society. He urged DRCs to fight against corruption and mobilize the masses into appreciating development on individual, household and national levels through embracing Government programmes.

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