President frustrated by politicians who fight foreign investments

Sunday 7th December 2014
State House PPU

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the only thing that can create more employment opportunities for Ugandans, especially the youth in the country is the establishment of more factories by rich Ugandans and foreign investors.

Speaking this morning in a meeting with the National Youth Council Leaders led by their chairman Samuel Kavuma who called on him at State House Entebbe, the President who flew out of the country shortly after, said it’s the bad political ideology of some politicians who fight the establishment of factories by foreigners that has frustrated government efforts to create jobs and spur development.

“It disturbs me a lot when I see politicians frustrating efforts by government to bring in more investors to establish factories that could create employment opportunities for our youth. The best thing that can create employment opportunities is the building of more factories by investors. It is really disturbing when I see leaders fighting establishment of factories,'' he said.

The President said that it’s easier to create wealth through agricultural sector and that it’s very easy to get rich through agriculture production through commercialization and value addition to improve incomes.

“There is wealth in the agricultural sector through commercialization and value addition but I  see  many people always preferring to move around rather than  engaging in agriculture,'' he said.

The President cautioned the youth and the people of Uganda against extravagant ways of spending resources especially during times of weddings.

''Just walk to  the office of the CAO or RDC to sign the certificate of marriage why should  I organize discos, fly to foreign countries for honey moon? What for,? he asked.

President Museveni who shared with the National Youth Council leaders his experiences as a teacher and a liberator, assured them that what matters most for any development to be successful is the existence of peace in the country.

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