President commends Afric Aid for food donation to South Sudan

Wednesday 17th December 2014
State House PPU

President Yoweri Museveni has paid glowing tribute to Pastor Robert Kayanja and General Salim Saleh for spearheading food aid to South Sudan.

The President who personally participated in loading part of the food Aid consignment of one million kilogrammes of food, worth Shs.2 billion, realized within two and a half weeks at the Miracle Centre Cathedral, in Rubaga Division, Kampala district, yesterday flagged off the food destined to help the conflict victims of South Sudan. Afric Aid is a Ugandan Non - Government Organization and the first one of its kind to work as a relief Agency and food donor.

“I congratulate the congregation and General Saleh for having the noble idea of helping our brothers and sisters in South Sudan who are in need,” he said. He observed that they have made the aid in line with the teachings in the Bible that require man to love his neighbor as he loves himself. He said that they were making the right move in standing by our brothers in South Sudan.

He said that Uganda was a nice place and reminded the congregation and the people at large that if we utilize the resources well, we shall achieve a lot adding that Africa needs nothing from anybody. He told the attentive people that the challenge we have is that of people failing to work and leading luxurious lives. He called on the people present that they should lead by example of through working.

President Museveni thanked the people of Kapeeka in Luwero district for their contribution of two tons of food aid to the needy people of South Sudan. He also thanked them for the bumper harvest which he attributed to positive contribution of the UPDF Officers who are promoting agricultural production in the country.

He pledged a contribution of Shs100 million to Afric Aid as part of the measures to boost their aid mission.

The Chairman of Afric Aid, who is also the leader of the Miracle Centre, Pastor Robert Kayanja, said that without President Museveni’s intervention in South Sudan, there would have been genocide. He saluted the President for his leadership which, he said, has enabled them to make their contribution to the neighbouring country.

Pastor Kayanja was pleased to note that Africa has now got its own relief Agency. He was proud to note that Uganda, which used to be a recipient of food Aid, has been able to send food aid to South Sudan. He thanked General Saleh and the Kapeeka farmers for their role in the food aid.

He thanked God for the UPDF in Somalia and South Sudan noting that it was doing a good job. He revealed that the Whitaker Group has pledged a contribution of US $ 5,000 towards food aid.

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