President: "Opposition must not mislead the people on national issues."

Thursday 1st September 2016

President Yoweri Museveni has said that while he does not mind about the existence of the opposition in the political arena in the country, the tendency of the opposition, however, to mislead the people on national issues and cause hatred to the government, is uncalled for.

The President made the remark while handing over a dummy cheque of Shs.100,000,000/= (one hundred million) to the 300-member Kawempe Kenyatta Development SACCO that was held yesterday at Lugoba in Kawempe Division in Kampala Capital City Authority. The majority of the members of the SACCO are veterans who are mostly engaged in vending activities.

The President also handed over another dummy cheque of Shs. 100,000,000= to Wekembe Kawempe Market SACCO in Nabweru, Nansana Municipality in Wakiso district, which has 750 members. The two markets are located along the Kampala – Gulu Highway.

“The opposition thinks that uttering divisionary political ideas would fail government plans. They think people would hate the government. This is a joke. They [opposition] lack the vision for the development of the country,” the President said.

The President reminded the market vendors of the two SACCOs that government introduced the Entandikwa Fund to address the issue of eradicating household poverty among wananchi but the arrangement was politicized by wrong elements leading to the misinterpretation and misuse of the money.

Mr. Museveni said that NRM has supporters in Kawempe Division who, all along needed financial support but could not be reached because of the poor representation by leaders from the Opposition. He also castigated the people of the area for voting selfish political leaders who could not understand people’s problems.

The President expressed strong optimism that with the support of the newly appointed Minister for Kampala City Authority, Hon. Betty Kamya, the set strategies to penetrate the entire Kampala would register and win full support for the NRM.

He advised the leaders of the SACCOs to instil a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in their savings and credit business activities and contribute more shares to boost the received funding.

“If leaders can teach the people that income generating in homes is the way to go, then Uganda would develop fast,” he emphasized.

He appealed to Kampala City dwellers to promote small factories, such as Maganjo Maize Millers, and added that cottage and big factories will increase employment opportunities.

Regarding the request to procure a spacious piece of land for the vendors of Kawempe Kenyatta Development SACCO to enable them shift from operating along the roadside, the President said that efforts will be made to identify the appropriate land.

The Minister for Kampala City Authority, Hon. Betty Kamya, called upon Kampala City residents to embrace the ‘Hakuna Mchezo’ government commitment to support development and eventually win 80% majority support for the NRM in 2021.

“As for Kampala City infrastructure development, we inherited a ‘bumpy road’ but we shall remove the humps,” Minister Kamya declared.

The management of both markets thanked President Museveni for fulfilling the pledges in short time possible.

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