President inspects CCTV project at Natete Police Station


President Yoweri Museveni has said that the security task in containing and fighting criminal acts in urban centres in the country has now been made simple using the installed CCTV cameras system.

“This is the least problem I have solved in the last fifty years. This is not a war. It only requires intelligence to know who did what. Once you have known, it is finished. NRM has solved many problems. Crime incidences involving motorcycle riders (Bodabodas) require three components of sensing where the danger is namely using the sense of sight, hearing and smelling to root out the problem,” he said.

The President made the remarks today at Natete Police Station in Rubaga Division where he inspected Closed-Circuit (CCTV) cameras that have been installed to monitor and fight criminal acts in the Kampala metropolitan area. Natete Police Station hosts the central and master control room for the CCTV system that also controls 18 other police stations in the city.

According to the Acting Director of Police in charge of ICT, Mr. Baryamwisaki Felix, the CCTV system has over 3322 different types of cameras performing a diversity of roles such as visualizing critical points up to 2 kilometres. He explained that other cameras are specialized in monitoring traffic flow and recognizing vehicles’ registration number plates even at night, among other chores.

President Museveni told vendors who raised issues concerning their management and businesses that he would invite market management leaders to discuss the matters they had reported to him. 

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