Presidential Statements

Appointment of Resident District Administrators

13th January 2021
In Exercise of the Powers conferred on the President of Uganda by Articles 99 and 203 of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (as amended), I hereby, appoint the following persons as Resident District Commissioners and Deputy Resident District Commissioners, respectively.

President`s speech on the occasion of the International Day of Older persons

1st October 2020
Your Excellency the Vice President; Honourable Ministers;

President`s statement on matters regarding corona virus (covid 19

4th May 2020
Countrymen and Countrywomen, Greetings, When you are confronted with a new disease like covid-19 (Ssenyiga-omukambwe), you must answer three (3) questions: Is it vaccinatable? Is it treatable? Is it avoidable by behaviour of the people? The answer to the 3 questions is that, in the case of covid-19, it seems that, eventually, all the 3 are possible.   Click on pdf link above for entire statement...

Guidelines on avoiding the corona virus pandemic

18th March 2020
Countrymen and Countrywomen, Greetings to you all. Today, I have come to address you on the issue of the Corona virus, abbreviated as Covid19.  They call it corona because, under the micro-scope, it looks like a crown (ekiruunga, engure).  This is a new virus but it belongs to the family of the common-cold (Senyinga, Rubyamira) group of viruses. It makes some people very sick because, being a new virus, all of us do not have immunity...

Speech at the National conference of the National Resistance Movement

26th January 2020
Today, January 25th, 2020, is almost exactly 61 years since I started my personal involvement of waking up (kusimula) the Banyankore that were nearest to me from the sleep (nino, kugwejegyera, lambala, kwebaka, lilo) of money-lessness in almost all the homesteads in the area, atop the very fertile soil (good for crops and pasture), supplied with flowing fresh water in every valley; starting from below the Indian and Arab (Abasiiri) shops at...

President`s new year address - 2020

31st December 2019
Fellow Countrymen and Country women.


16th June 2018
Since the General Elections in 2016, we have had 16 by-elections for Parliamentary seats.

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