Please do not indulge in what is not worthy before God-President Museveni’s Easter message on April 21, 2014

Monday 21st April 2014

Maama Janet and I joined other Christians for Easter prayers at St. Mathew Cathedral Kyamate in Ntungamo district.

We prayed for our country's blessings, unity and prosperity for all Ugandan families.

I listened to Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe's summon that emphasized unity and harmony no matter what religion one is affiliated to or gender.

The true principle of Christianity is to promote unity and I commend Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe and the entire leadership of the South Ankole Diocese for correct messages.

I have heard them over time and they are very clear and positive for they don't divide the population. 

The preaching of the Diocese is in line with the National Resistance Movement ideals that are against any form of sectarianism including religious sectarianism.

We focus on uniting all Ugandans to work for national development. I was, therefore, very pleased to meet Muslim Sheikhs attending Easter prayers at the cathedral.

During Amin's time, there were Chaplains and Sheikhs embedded in the Army who were teaching disunity.

When I took charge of Uganda, I was forced to send away religious leaders from all military barracks because their messages to the army were largely divisive and could not be tolerated.

I am very happy that the messages from the church today emphasize unity.

South Ankole Diocese undertakes development projects to generate income and I salute them for enhancing God's work. I pledge Government support in those endeavours.

This day, our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected to eternity. While we build our relationship with God to join him in the hereafter, every Ugandan must work and increase our household incomes and eradicate poverty.

Every household should become a commercial unit.

I appeal to you all to heed Government's guidance and engage in commercial activities such as growing fruits, coffee, bananas, rearing of diary cows, and mushrooms and poultry for those who own small land pieces.

Government continues to provide seedlings inspite of the challenges we've had with NAADS that we are restructuring.

Our soldiers have done very well distributing seedlings and breeding materials with a fraction of the money we spend on NAADS every financial year.

I caution you against land fragmentation. Distribution of land bequeathed to siblings into small pieces affects land productivity.

We must change our mindset on inheritance and cultivate collectively, and share proceeds of your crops following percentages of shares as bequeathed by parents.

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