President Museveni commends the late Sebunya for his hard work.

Saturday 28th January 2012

President YoweriMuseveni commended the late George William Sebunya for being a hard worker and for his contribution to the protracted armed people’s liberation struggle.

Paying his respects yesterday at the home of late Ssebunya in Kakonde village, Semuto, Nakaseke District during the last funeral rites of the deceased, the President expressed his condolences to the bereaved family and revealed that when the NRA arrived in the area during the liberation struggle, people had run away from the fascist government forces but the freedom fighters were welcomed to use the deceased’s house after the anti-people forces had been expelled. He observed that it was a modern one built in the village noting that it signified Sebunya as a hard worker as he had become a leading prosperity example for the people at the time.

The President pledged to build a memorial house in honor of late Ssebunya because of his contribution in the struggle and also for his commitment to hard work. He saluted him for educating his children and urged the youth to undertake marketable courses to widen their employment prospects.

Mr. Museveni pledged a contribution of Shs. 300 million to promote the Kakonde village Savings and Credit Co-operative Organization (SACCO). He also pledged to turn Kikyusa into a model parish as part of the efforts to promote the Government’s Prosperity for All (PFA) in the area. He also said that the veterans will be assisted with funds to promote their welfare but strongly warned those unscrupulous elements who drew up fake lists of fighters with the aim of fraudulently getting financial benefits. He assured the people of the area in particular and Uganda in general of the government determination to eliminate the parasitic groups in the NAADS programme that have misused development funds.

Regarding other local issues, President Museveni pledged to facilitate the construction of Nakaseke tomato processing plant.

He warned the youth against the dangers of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and reminded them that Anti-Retroviral (ARVs) therapy is a temporary intervention to prolong the life of an infected person as the AIDS pandemic has no known cure. He, therefore, advised the wananchi, especially the youth, against promiscuity in order to avoid the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Minister for Luwero Triangle, Hon.  Rose Namayanja, saluted the President for sparing time to grace function. She highly commended the people of the area for voting the NRM Party in last year’s February General elections.

Nakaseke South Member of Parliament, Hon. Edward SempalaMbuga, expressed gratefulness to God for the gift of President Museveni to the people of Uganda. He saluted the President for maintaining peace and security in the country and reported the people of the area are grateful to the NRM Government for the construction of the Matugga – Kapeka road.


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