President arrives in Kisumu

Saturday 18th February 2012

Hundreds of Kisumu town residents braved a scorching sun today to welcome President YoweriMuseveni when he arrived on a 2-day visit.

The President, in a long motorcade, was accompanied by his host Kenyan Prime Minister RailaOdinga, passed through Kisumu International Airport on his way to the Great Lakes’ Region University where he was slated to launch the Great Lakes’ Region University Education Fund.

Driven in an open-roof car, the two leaders had to make several stopovers by the thick crowds to address them on the way to the university.

As President was passing through the town, hundreds of people, some on roof tops and others on the streets, warmly welcomed him and his host Prime Minister RailaOdinga.

President Museveni told Kisumu residents that the purpose of his visit was to strengthen the existing relationship between the two EAC member countries – Kenya and Uganda.

He stressed the importance of the development of the infrastructure, such as railways, harbours and roads. He observed that the most important thing for the life of the human being is food to put in the stomach adding that there is need to produce for other needs of man. The President, therefore, urged Ugandans and Kenyans to produce more for the market.

“There is need to develop East African Community to the level of the European Union”, he stressed.

Prime Minister RailaOdinga told the people of Kisumu that President was in the area to help in the construction of the Great Lakes’ Region University’s Kisumu campus. He said that the Kenyan government and Uganda are working hard to remove trade barriers within the Community.

President Museveni will also visit Prime Minister Odinga’s home in Bondo after officially launching the Great Lakes Region University Kisumu Campus Education Fund.

President Museveni was earlier seen off at Entebbe International Airport by Minister for Security, Mr. MuruliMukasa, the Head of Public Service Mr. John Mitala, the Commander of the Defence Forces, General ArondaNyakairima, the Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura and the Commissioner General of Prisons Dr. Johnson Byabashaija.

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