Fight foreign interference, promote unity and brotherhood – Museveni

Friday 24th February 2012

President YoweriMuseveni called upon African countries especially those in the Great Lakes region to unite and fight foreign interference which he says has hampered development efforts on the continent, but instead promote unity and brotherhood.

The President was delivering a key address on the “Role of Uganda in Africa’s development” organized by Chatham House, a UK Think Tank in London. The occasion was attended by members from the Commonwealth office, Tullow and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

“Foreign influence and interference will destabilize our countries if we don’t act as a team,” he said citing the problems in Somalia and Sudan.

He castigated development partners who deal with the peripherals like homosexuality and emancipation instead of supporting economic development including infrastructure development.

On trade in Africa in general, the President said that industrialization is the way forward adding that exportation of raw materials has been one of the biggest draw backs in Africa because it leads to loss of revenue and jobs.

He attributed this to a lack of social metamorphosis on the continent which has crippled Africa in the last 500 years. He said that the target is to turn the people into highly skilled middle income earners.


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