President launches presidential enterprise for sustainable tourism in Uganda

Friday 24th February 2012

President YoweriMuseveni said that the government has put in place a proper infrastructure for tourism and will soon embark on tackling Climate change which is adversely affecting the sector in Uganda.

The President was launching the Presidential Enterprise for Sustainable Tourism in Uganda at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, in London.

State House, through the Presidential enterprise for sustainable tourism in Uganda has weighed in to boost the tourism sector through promoting various exhibitions about tourism, culture and tradition at Uganda foreign missions across Europe with the initial launch in the United Kingdom.

Uganda’s tourism sector has increasingly become vibrant over the years largely because of a peaceful, stable and vibrant economy that has made it possible for business to flourish. The country was recently voted by Lonely planet, an independent magazine owned by the BBC as the top tourist destination for 2012.

According to the Principal Private Secretary to the President Ms. Grace Akello, who has been working with the High Commission in London on the initiative, “Peace and security coupled with a robust economy has ensured that the world explores and appreciates the beauty of Uganda and the warmth of its people.”

The President, in his speech, said that tourism is one of the growing global businesses with a multiplier effect, earning the country billions of dollars annually.

He said that Uganda is endowed with unique features like Mt Rwenzori one of the top hiking places in Africa and the world, Virunga Mountain ranked among the 20 must see places globally and Bwindi impenetrable forests a number one Gorilla and bird watching destination to mention a few. He added that the country’s flora and fauna, and fresh water features are  also among the most unique globally.

He called on investors in the tourism industry to come and invest in Uganda adding that government will give them incentives like tax waivers on machinery, vehicles, total ownership of property, land and free repatriation of their money.

He called on the Ministry of Tourism to promote cultural tourism through naming of animals and places adding that the country’s stability, security, low crime rate and conducive climate are favorable conditions for the trade.

He decried climate change which has adversely affected the industry saying that now that government has put in place the basic infrastructure for the industry, efforts will be made to tackle this challenge affectively.

The Minister for Tourism, Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, said that tourism is one of the most traded service businesses with multiplier effect at national levels and has changed from a merely pleasurable business to a gross income earner for the country.

The launch was attended among others by Dr. CrispusKiyonga, Minister for Defense, Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge of International Affairs OkelloOryem, the business community in Britain, Members of Parliament from Uganda and Ambassadors.


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