President receives EALA Speaker at Kisozi

Friday 9th March 2012

President YoweriMuseveni received and held a meeting with the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Hon. AbdirahinAbdi, who was accompanied by EALA Secretariat official, Ms. Winnie Kaliba. The meeting was also attended by the Executive Director of Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), Ms. JennipherMusisiSsemakula.

During the meeting that took place at the President’s Kisozi farm in Gomba district earlier this week, Mr. Museveni and his guest discussed issues related to regional developments.

The EALA is a sub-organ of the larger East African Community (EAC) being the legislative arm of the Community. Its members are sworn-in to 5-years term and each member country – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi – is represented by 9 members who, along with 7 ex-officio members, constitute the assembly.

The responsibilities of the Assembly , include among others, meeting the National Assemblies of member countries on matters relating to the community; debate, discuss  and approve the budget of the Community and consider annual reports on the activities of the Community, annual audit reports of the Audit Commission and any other reports referred to it by the Council of Ministers.

The EALA members have been conducting their business in Kampala as is the practice that the regional legislative body rotates in member countries when deliberating on their business.


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