State House website one of top five in Uganda

Friday 23rd November 2012

The newly redesigned State House website has been voted one of the top five websites of 2012 in Uganda by PC Tech, a leading technology Magazine in East and West Africa. Published monthly, the magazine features personal and enterprise technology, reviews, interviews and research on ICTs in Africa.

Under the headline, PC Tech Awards: Uganda’s Top 5 Websites of 2012 at “The government of Uganda is not known for having the best looking websites, let alone the most up-to-date ones. But this is different.

In addition to the sleekness of its design, the last update was made less than 48hours ago, and the ones before that were made at even shorter time intervals. In this area, at least, they’re leading by example!,” according to the magazine which ranked the New Vision website ( as the best followed by UGO (, (Bigeye entertainment (, State House, Uganda ( and Bell Lager ( “This is exciting.

We are trying to make communication and information flow as easy and accessible as possible and more regularly. This is even going to get better as we train more online reporters and get more involved in social networking media to keep the country updated on the workings of State House and the President,” Nabusayi Lindah Wamboka, the Deputy Press Secretary to the President said.

According to Nabusayi in October alone, the website had 2,368 visitors, 1,854 Unique visitors,12,752 page views with the average duration spent on the site: 00:03:24 and the percentage of new visitors at 75.13% “The Institution of State House is committed to not just improving communication but embracing new ICT technologies to match the rapidly growing global innovations.

We are due to launch the website officially but it’s already up and the public can access it at to follow all the Presidents’ statements and initiatives,” she said. END

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