Infrastructure more vital for development than new districts - President Museveni

Tuesday 19th March 2013

President Museveni has said that while he supports the creation of districts, it is more important now to concentrate on developing infrastructure instead of spending the available resources on the creation of new districts.

The President said government needs at least Shs 59 billion during the first year of creating a district and another Shs16 in the second year on expenditure. He said among the issues considered in the creation of a district is the size of an existing district, the geographical composition of an area bearing in mind its communication and transport challenges and the language barriers. He warned against advocating for the transforming of counties into districts.

The President was yesterday addressing a delegation of Kanungu district leaders led by the LC 5 Chairperson, Ms. Josephine Kasya at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhura District. This followed the request of the people to divide Kanungu district into two and create Kihiihi district. President Museveni said that the NRM Government is committed to providing infrastructure since it is a vital component in the development process. He said that the Government works by setting priorities for the benefit of the country, including the construction of roads, railways and providing electricity.

He thanked the people of Kanungu District for heeding his call to increase the production of tea growing in the area, noting that out of the 93 million Kilograms of tea produced per annum in the country, Kayonza was processing a total of 16 million Kilograms. He assured the delegation that Government would embark on the construction of the Rukungiri – Ishasha road and pledged to construct more roads such as the Ntungamo- Mirama road, Mpigi- Kisozi and the Gulu- Kitgum road.

He also said that the Government would fulfill its pledge to construct the Nyamigoye Primary School in Kanungu District. The LC5 Chairperson of Kanungu, Ms. Josephine Kasya revealed that the district receives Sh 20 billion per annum from the Government. She said that their target was to increase the availability of safe water in the area from the current 64% to 80 %. She said that they produce the best quality tea in the country. The delegation was excited over the President’s pledge to construct the Rukungiri- Ishasha road since it is a better option than having a new District. They accepted to deliver the good news to their people.

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