Press release on Teso Cultural festival

Monday 18th December 2017

H.E. the President, HH Emorimor, other members of the Cultural institutions of Teso, some Religious leaders and some Members of Parliament met at Nakasero State Lodge and the confusion that surrounded the event of the cultural festival in Tororo was discussed extensively. 

It emerged that there had been inadequate information flow.  The President informed the meeting that he only learnt of the event on Saturday, at around 0700 hours from HH Tieng Adhola who had rang earlier to bitterly complain about the event.  The President, immediately, contacted all the stake-holders, starting with the HH the Emorimor.  The idea that was emerging was to adjust the event rather than to cancel it.  Owing to poor communication, however, the event could not continue.

Having discussed extensively, it was resolved as follows:

1)   We shall co-ordinate better in future through letters that will be delivered and acknowledged.

2)   The turning back of HH Emorimor and escorting him back to Serere is regretted.  Even if he had continued to Tororo, he could have stayed in the hotel whether the function had been postponed or not.  Alternatively, he could have driven back to Serere voluntarily.  He did not need escort.  This is regretted.

3)   The killing of one youth by a mob is condemned in the strongest terms.  Those involved will be hunted and punished.

4)   The frightening manner in which the Police vehicles entered the stadium is also regretted.  A polite communication through the loudspeakers could have been enough for the people to disperse. That polite way should have been tried as a first step.

5)   The core problems of the projected Tororo District will be resolved after talking to all the stake-holders.

6)   Given the peace, which the NRM fought for, the leaders should emphasize job-creation and wealth creation so that we work for the prosperity of our people.  Tororo is fast attracting industries in the form of factories. Nobody should create conditions for slowing down that boom.

7)   Apologies extended to the people who had come for the function from within Uganda and to the compatriots who came from Turkana, Ethiopia, South Sudan, et

8)   The Government will assist the cultural institution to organize in a non-controversial venue by extending financial support to it.



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