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President spends a night at Chobe Safari Lodge

Thursday 5th January 2012

President YoweriMuseveni commended the management of Chobe Safari Lodge for giving the facility a state of the art face lift to International Standards that he said will be ideal for the comfort of tourists visiting the country.

The President, who was on his way to Agago district to attend the victory celebrations of the area MP Hon. Okot, spent Friday night 3rd February 2012 at the 5-Star Chobe Safari Lodge. The President was...

President warns leaders on crop and animal disease control

Wednesday 4th January 2012

President YoweriMuseveni asked leaders in the country, especially the political class, to stop interfering with the work of District Veterinary and Agricultural Officers by violating animal and crop disease control implementation exercise. He warned that anybody caught doing so will be apprehended and prosecuted.

"Abetting and aiding crop and animal movement in areas where quarantine has been imposed is criminal. You can be...


Fellow Countrymen and Countrywomen, especially the NRM Leaders


I am writing to clarify the confusion surrounding the Youth Programmes that I started putting in place in the Kampala area and also in the Rukungiri area and some other places. 

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