Employment Creation for the Youth, Women and SME's

Employment Creation, especially for the Youth, Women

As a first step to address employment challenges, Ministry of Finance has allocated funds towards job creation ventures 

The following interventions shall be implemented:-

  1. A Youth Entrepreneurship Venture Capital Fund was established, for which an initial proposition of Shs. 25 billion was made, and this will be increased each FY. This will be used to support youth starting or expanding their business enterprises.  The loan sizes will range between Shs 100,000 to Shs 5 million or 20% of injected equity for youth group investments.
  2.  Entrepreneurial Training Programme to instill business management skills among the youth will be supported, to enable them join the job market or create their own enterprises. Funds towards this have been allocated.
  3. Business institutions will be engaged by government to undertake Business Development Skills clinics in collaboration with the private sector and Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA), with special focus on imparting technical skills to youth, using non-formal vocational training programmes.
  4. Dedicated work spaces will be established in markets starting in Kampala, in which youth and other small scale manufacturers under the Job Stimulus programme will undertake manufacturing and other processing activity.